At long last, Pangu – the go-to jailbreak tool for iOS 8.x – is now available for both Windows and Mac. The tool allows you to do an untethered jailbreak on iOS 8.1 (iOS 8.0-8.1) on most iDevices. After an initial release that did not bundle Cydia, we've come a long way now. Pangu now jailbreaks your iDevice and installs the latest Cydia by default.

Initially, when Pangu was released, you had to install Cydia manually (as the jailbreak didn't bundle Cydia with it). Right now, everything has been set as one would expect out of a jailbreak tool. Here's how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad using Pangu (1.2.x) on Windows/Mac:

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 on iPhone or iPad with Pangu on Mac

Pangu jailbreak tool supports the following iOS 8.1 devices:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • iPad mini, Retina iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

How to jailbreak iOS 8.1 on your iPhone or iPad with Pangu:

Step #1: If you have upgraded your device to iOS 8.1 by OTA, jailbreak will fail. It’s important to take a backup of your device using iTunes and then restore your device to iOS 8.1 through iTunes.

Step #2: Disable Find My iPhone from Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone

Step #3: Go to Settings, scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode, then tap on Turn Passcode Off to disable Passcode. (on non-Touch ID devices, the setting is Passcode).

Step #4: Put your iPhone/iPad in Airplane Mode.

Step #5: Download Pangu jailbreak tool from here. (Pick the right version: Windows or Mac)

Step #6: On Windows, right click on the tool and click on the “Run as Administrator” option. On a Mac, double-click the .dmg file, and then right-click and click Open on the executable.

Step #7: Click on Start Jailbreak.

Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 8.1 for Mac

Step #8: Click on Already Did (because you completed the checklist in initial steps). The jailbreak process will start.

Notice for Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8.1 on Mac

Step #9: During the jailbreak, your iPhone will show a ‘Slide to Upgrade' screen. Just slide and let Pangu do the rest of the job.

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 on Mac

Step #10: After a couple of reboots, Pangu and Cydia should be installed. Wait till your iPhone completely reboots.

Did you jailbreak your iOS 8.1 device? Did you face any problem while jailbreaking? Let’s know how is it working for you in comment below.

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  • praseem singh beniwal

    what do you mean by ipad should not be updated through OTA
    will it jailbreak through this method

  • albin

    says i don’t have internet connection as loads of other comments but there is no solution have tried on a different internet to n if i didn’t have internet how can i post this now hu se smith is wrong

  • veeru

    it is neccessary to of “find my iphone” reply fast!!

    • Yes. You should toggled off Find My iPhone

  • raneem

    i did the steps exactly as it says on my iPad 3 and pagunew showed up but cydia didn’t paper at all

  • cody

    i keep trying to jailbreak my ipad mini but it keeps saying unable to jailbreak resources, check network so what is going on?

  • Pelao

    I just got an ipad air 2, it came with 8.1 firmware from store, im trying to jailbreak but keep saying unable to get resources, check network…. i have a full signal, is not the network, what could be going on? Thanks

  • Austin

    Trying to jailbreak my ipad 2 wifi an it keeps saying unable to get jailbreak resources,please check ur network

    • There should be an issue with WiFi Internet connection. Please check your network connection and try again.

  • joel

    after the jailbreak does it reset your phone,pls can you answer my question

    • No. It doesn’t reset your iPhone at all.

  • hfhfeuhf

    won’t let me run as administrator why is this?

    • You should now jailbreak your device with TaiG Jailbreak tool which is more stable.

      • Osamanaeem1

        I have jailbreaked my iphone 4s ios 8.1.2 with Taig but there are no icons of tweaks that i am installing from cydia !!

  • Alia Saeeed

    i keep having problem trying to jailbreak my iphone5, the error say ” error occurred, please try again ” i try to jailbreak it many times and reboot my iphone but i still have the same error. someone help me :(?

    • We now recommend to jailbreak your device with TaiG Jailbreak tool.

  • Samuel Quevedo

    After process i only see pangu ivon in my ipad and no trace of cudoa inside or oitside pangu

  • Bharath

    I have to backup and restore the phone through itunes before starting the process ??

  • Bharath

    I have installed IOS 8.1 already, After jail break it will erase all my contents ??

  • merna sabbagh

    I am trying to jailbreak my iPhone 5S 16G OS 8.1 with Pangu 1.0.1 but i keep getting this message ” error occured, please try again” .
    what can i do?

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    I have an endless reboot problem over here on my jailbroken iPhone 6 running on iOS 8.1. Please help?

  • sree

    will i be able to downgrade IOS8 after jailbreaking . I am currently having IOS 8.1 on my iPhone 4S

  • Frankie Bloise

    very good article, thanks for sharing!

  • Hi, I had updated my device to iOS 8.1 OTA. Will taking a backup on iTunes and restoring the backup work to jailbreak?

    • Yes. It would be a better choice.

      • farman khan

        when i open says itunes version is too old.please upgrade itunes to version 11.2 or later and i have installed the latest version how to fix this problem pls help

        • SkyboundLight

          I’m having the same problem

        • bobo


        • cutchimnaumien

          me too

        • abdul gani

          i am also facing same issue pls admin reply.