Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.x has been updated to 1.2.1 for Windows with a few bug fixes. If you haven't jailbroken your iPhone or are facing issues with a jailbroken iPhone, here's your chance to jailbreak/re-jailbreak with the latest version of Pangu.

The new update comes almost right after Pangu v1.2 came out about a few days back. Both 1.2 and this one have minor changes but an important one if you've been having problems with boot or anything else on your iPhone.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1-7.1.x with Pangu 1.2.1

Jailbreaking using Pangu is almost as easy as it was with evasi0n, the tool that we used to jailbreak iOS 7 and 7.0.x with.

How to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad with Pangu 1.2.1

Step #1. Download Pangu 1.2.1 (for Windows at the moment)

Step #2. Make sure your iPhone doesn't have a passcode.

Step #3. Change the date of your iPhone to something earlier than June 1, 2014.

Step #4. Now, connect your iPhone and run Pangu 1.2.1.

Step #5. Click on “Jailbreak” to initiate the process.

Step #6. Now, your iPhone will possibly do a reboot and you should see the Pangu icon on the homescreen. When you're prompted to tap on it, do so.

Step #7. The jailbreak process will continue for a little while and your iPhone should go into a reboot again. Once the jailbreak finishes, you should see Cydia up on the homescreen.

Pangu was a surprising release this year and a welcome one at that. The initial tool from evad3rs could jailbreak devices running on iOS 7 and 7.0.x. When Apple released iOS 7.1, some patch was fixed and evasi0n couldn't be used to jailbreak iOS 7.1.

Apple followed iOS 7.1 with other minor updates (resulting in iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1.2).

Pangu can jailbreak all iOS devices that run iOS 7.x (this includes iOS 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2).

Pangu hasn't been very hassle-free though. We've run into boot-loop issues here when we tried to jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 7.1. Most old iPhones do face a few problems when you jailbreak using Pangu but then a couple of rejailbreaks later, everything works fine.

Pangu 1.2 and 1.2.1 try to fix these little issues and quirks.

  • anon96

    Can’t install Pangu latest version 1.2.1 on Windows 8. It says “File corrupted!. This program has been manipulated and maybe it’s infected by a Virus or cracked. This file won’t work anymore.”

  • Haseeb Iqbal

    I am on iphone 4 ios 7 and pangu is not working it shows the thingy to upgrade pangu but the new upgrade is not compatible for ios 7

  • alex36avila

    my pangu says “iphone3,3” and its an iphone this normal

  • Ali

    I’ve restored my device twice, JB with Pangu 1.2.1, and still have boot lockup issues after I enable my passcode and reboot my device (passcode is disabled until after successfully jailbreaking)
    Please help!!

    • iOS 8 version? If you manually edited some sys files, you will have to do a clean-restore + jailbreak. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do a clean-restore first.