Update: RageBreak is no longer available, nor is it required. Check out Pangu for jailbreaking iOS 7.1 (and above).

While all of us keep waiting for evad3rs's exploit for iOS 7.x to be launched as a potential jailbreak tool, RageBreak comes with a tethered jailbreak for iOS devices running iOS 7.0.4. Note that this jailbreak is only for A4-devices (iPhone 4 only).

A4 devices have the bootrom vulnerability which the limera1n hardware exploit makes use of in jailbreaking these devices. So an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4 can be jailbroken to run Cydia with RageBreak. It's a tethered jailbreak.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 running iOS7.0.4

The process itself is lengthy but it's not complicated. As the embedded video shows, the process involves a bit of DFU mode'ing the iPhone 4, using the RageBreak software to load the IPSW files, to select the iPhone version and then to install Cydia. Not to forget, being a tethered jailbreak, you'll have to connect your iPhone 4 to the computer and run RageBreak every time you want to boot up your iPhone 4.

Here's what you'll need:

  • RageBreak Software for Windows
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • iTunes (latest)
  • .NET Framework
  • iOS 7.0.4 IPSW file for iPhone 4

iTunes and .NET are usually available by default. But in case you're not sure, you can still get them from within the links you'll find in RageBreak software.

If, for some reason, the tool doesn't work, you have to extract this update file to the C:/jb/.

The process is well-described in the video but here's a brief overview on how to tethered jailbreak iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4:

Step 1: Open RageBreak (run as administrator by right-clicking).

Step 2: Click the first option inside RageBreak GUI (and then click on “OK”) to let RageBreak download the necessary files for the jailbreak.

Step 3: Plug your iPhone 4 to your computer and then enter DFU mode (hold power and home simultaneously for 10 seconds till screen goes blank. Then let go of the power button but keep pressing the home button for another 15 seconds).

Step 4: In RageBreak, click the second option (to Jailbreak) and click “OK” when it asks if your iPhone 4 is in DFU mode.

Step 5: Click “OK” for all other prompts. Occasionally, you might even have to click on “Run” when Windows asks your permission to run/open a few apps.

Step 6: At this point, your jailbreak is complete. Now, let's reboot via RageBreak since this is a tethered boot.

Step 7: Put your iPhone 4 in DFU again. Open RageBreak and then pick the correct version of your iPhone 4. For instance, if it's an AT&T mode, pick (3,1). If it's Verizon CDMA, pick (3,3).

Step 8: The iPhone 4 will boot up.

Step 9: Let's install Cydia now: connect your iPhone 4 to the Wifi network and find out the IP address. You can do this by heading over to (Settings -> Wifi -> tap on the “i” on the right of the Wifi network you are connected to -> Note the IP address)

Step 10: Inside RageBreak, click on “Install Cydia” and enter the IP address. Follow on-screen instructions and then, your iPhone 4 will switch off again. DFU Mode and reboot by following step #7.

Step 11: Your iPhone 4 will have rebooted and there should be Cydia on your iPhone 4 now.

Although you'll now be jailbroken, there's nothing much to boast about. Tweaks aren't yet being developed for iOS 7 as we've yet to see a full-fledged jailbreaking process for this iOS.

Please note that this is only for iPhone 4 based on an old bootrom exploit that Apple fixed through hardware changes in subsequent iPhones.

Hat tip:JailbreakTechInfo

Hopefully, this does not leak any possible exploits in iOS 7.x that Apple might fix in upcoming releases and would affect the evad3rs or anyone else working on a working jailbreak for iOS 7.x.

  • drake

    i got this error starting ragebreak… please help thanks

  • Mahak Champ

    Hey! It keeps showing me this error ( http://i.imgur.com/giEbK5O.png ) after I click Jailbreak and put it in DFU Mode and then Click Okay to Continue. Please help!

  • Ken Alcordo

    Ragebreak jailbreak successfully done,including cydia installation.but my problem is any apps that I installed from cydia, not showing on my home screen. my jailbroken iphone 4 is running ios 7.0.4. How do I fix this? Any help please.