Having perfectly set up HomePod, most of you would be having an amazing music time. But have you invited your family members to control HomePod? No! Send the invitation to your family members so that they can also join the party.

After they have accepted the invitation, they will also be able to add songs to the up next queue using the Apple Music app. Hence, the smart speaker will play everyone’s favorite songs!

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How to Invite Others to Control HomePod

How to Invite Others to Control HomePod

Make sure your iOS device and your friend’s have iOS device OS 11.2.5 later.

Step #1. Open the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on the tiny arrow at theHomePod Settings Arrow top right corner.

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Step #3. Next, tap on Invite.

Step #4. Next up, enter the person’s Apple ID.

Step #5. Finally, tap on Send Invite.

You can follow the same steps to send more invites.

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That’s it!

Now, the person will receive a notification in the Home app on their iOS device. He/she needs to accept the invitation to be able to control the speaker.

How to Accept the Invite to Control HomePod

Step #1. Launch Home and tap on the tiny arrow.

Step #2. Now, tap on Home Settings.

Step #3. Tap on tap on Accept.

Step #4. Tap on Done to confirm.

That’s it!

Wrapping up

Are you eagerly waiting for stereo and multi-room support for HomePod? There is a workaround to try out this much-awaited feature, which is likely to be introduced later this year with AirPlay 2. Though it doesn’t offer the same experience, it is good enough to offer you the idea of how two smart speakers will sound.

Find it a bit inconvenient to control the speaker? No problem. We have also rounded up more than 100 Siri commands for HomePod to let you easily control Apple Music, HomeKit accessories, timers and more.

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