Update: Finally, the wait is over. Winterboard for iOS 7 is out now with full support for iPhone 5s and other 64-bit devices. Jay Freeman, aka, Saurik tweeted that Winterboard 0.9.3912 runs on iOS 7 and seems compatible with ARM64 devices.

Winterboard, to those of you who haven't heard the name, is a fantastic theming tweak for iPhones. It's a Cydia tweak, so you'll need a jailbroken iPhone.

Installing Winterboard is pretty easy; it's almost the same as installing any other tweak through Cydia. But first, let's take a look at what it is and how it actually works.

How to Install Winterboard

It is a program that allows themes to be installed onto the iPhone. Some of the prominent things you can change using Winterboard are:

  • Icons of the various apps
  • The dock
  • The background
  • The fonts and styles
  • Add new functional widgets

There's actually a lot more that can be tweaked. However, just installing Winterboard doesn't get you all the necessary theme options. Winterboard just facilitates themes to be installed on your iPhone, bypassing Apple's legacy control over the interface.

To get new themes, you have to search for them on Cydia and download them. Once downloaded, Winterboard recognizes the theme, gets all data from it and changes the interface of your iPhone accordingly.

Okay, enough beginner talk; let's install Winterboard now.

Here is How to install Winterboard on iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Jailbreak your iOS device with Evasi0n7.

Step 2: Make sure you install Cydia when you jailbreak

Steep 3: Open Cydia and tap on Search tab to search for “Winterboard.”

Step 4: Tap on Winterboard, and check to see if the version is “0.9.3912.”

Winterboard for iOS 7
Step 5: Tap Install and then tap on Confirm at the top right corner

Step 6: You need to tap on Reboot Device, when installation is done

As said before, installing Winterboard only brings a default theme; you can start downloading themes you find on Cydia to change the look of your iOS device.

How to Use Winterboard to Change the Theme

  • Launch Winterboard
  • Tap on “Select Themes, ” and you will see a list of default as well as downloaded themes.
  • Choose the theme you wish to use and you are done
  • (optional: if the theme doesn't work, it might be an old theme which is not compatible; enable SummerBoard Mode to make it work)

Once you have installed Winterboard, you must be looking for best iOS 7 Winterboard themes. Here is the list of the same.

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  • VLaDZz8*

    Can anyone please help me…
    after i have successfully installed winterboard on cydia and it says (Reboot Device).. after it reboots i have a BIG problem… i can’t slide to unlock my iPhone :( please replay to me! it’s a emergency ! :/

  • jenny

    i have a iphone 4 and when i download winterboard the icon wont show up, what do i do

  • Corey James Bartlett

    when i download winterboard it doesn’t appear. Can anyone help (i have an iphone 4 running ios 7.1.2)

    • helper

      go to settings and scroll down slowly you will find it there

  • Spha

    Can’t get “confirm”

    • May be it’s “Continue”. The idea is to just proceed with the installation

  • Samuel Randolph Richeson

    I had successfully jailbroken my iPhone 5s 7.0.6, installed winter board 0.9.3912 thru cydia. it was great. i ran into problems with a tweak and restored iPhone thru iTunes to 7.0.6 and jail broke again. for some reason, in cydia, i am not able to find winter board 0.9.3912. i can only find and install winter board 0.9.3911. which is the older version and will not load themes. anyone else experience this?

    • Jonas Johnson

      Hi Samuel,

      I have a iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.4. Before I had deleted Winterboard because the themes weren’t customizing my whole phone like the way it did on my iPod Touch years ago. The Winterboard version I see in Cydia now is After you restored I don’t know why it came up as an older version. Try again. Even though I deleted Winterboard I am going to download it again.

      There is still a lot to fix in Winterboard. Since restoring didn’t work then don’t do again. Try going to changes and refresh the Cydia packages.

      • No comment for this. it’s actually a reply to other commenter.

  • Brock Peterlin

    my iphone 5 is running 7.0.4. when i search for winterboard on cydia it comes up, but only version 0.9.3911. Help?

    • Did you upgrade Cydia when it asked for the “Essential Upgrade” thing? Also, try Refresh in the Changes menu.
      (or Reload in the Home menu).

  • Larry McKinley

    my iphone is ios 6.1 and the new winterboard does not work on it crashes everytime i load it from cydia

    • Saurik upgraded Winterboard to be compatible with all OSes. Try removing
      it (put your iPhone in safe mode by holding the volume up button during
      reboot) and then re-installing Winterboard after refreshing Cydia.

      • Larry McKinley

        Tried this and everytime it goes to safe mode after installing. It says sorry springboard crashed

        • Does it reboot normally when you don’t have Winterboard installed?

          There could be a lot of reasons and you might have to try these things:
          – try disabling any Winterboard tweak that you have installed.
          – try updating all tweaks from Cydia’s Changes section.

          – try removing tweaks that clash (that affect the same sections of the UI)

          • Guest

            Had to revert back to winterboard 0.9.3911 and it works again.

          • Larry McKinley

            yes it does.winterboard 0.9.3911 still works with 6.1 but new one does not,so im using 11 instead of 15 for now

          • Guest

            yes, but i found a deb 0.9.3911 winterboard that still works

      • Larry McKinley

        Tried this and says sorry springboard crashed and enters safe mode every time i try to install.

  • Boy Palaboy

    Is it compatible with Iphone 4?

    • Of course it is compatible with iPhone 4.

      • Boy Palaboy

        Thanks sir… God bless…

  • monstergarden

    I can’t get any themes to show up on ipad 2 running ios 7. Have latest Cydia and Winterboard 0.9.3914. Tried summerboard on and off. Trying with themes: Solstice, Soft Remix and i7 redesigned HD. Is it too soon? Or do these only work on iphones?

    • Some of them support only iPhones although some users do report iPad
      compatibility even though there’s no official word. Try to check the
      Reddit threads for the themes to find troubleshooting answers.

  • says need libhide

  • ricky

    Hi, i just jailbreak my ios 6.1 using evesion.
    Problem is after complete downloading winterboard it didnt appear at my home screen..how to fix it?