How to Install tvOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 on Apple TV 4K, 4th Gen

Apple's tvOS 13 packs excellent features like multi-user support and Xbox One and PS4 integration. If this inspires you to use this software on your Apple TV and you have a developer account, here is how to install tvOS 13.4.5 developer beta 1.

More personalized and entertaining! That is tvOS 13 Apple announced during WWDC 2019. Apple has released tvOS 13.4.5 developer beta 1. If you are a developer and you may be thinking of installing tvOS 13.4.5 beta 1 on your Apple TV. Follow along to find out how it’s done the right way!

The latest Apple TV software is likely to give multi-user support, and the users might connect their Xbox One and PS4. This has perhaps encouraged more people to go for tvOS 13. Before you install this software, you should see to it that a few things are in place.

How to Install tvOS 13.4.5 Developer Beta 1

on Apple TV [4th Gen and 4K]

What do you need?

  • tvOS 13 does not support Apple TV models earlier than Apple TV 4K or Apple TV 4th generation
  • The latest version of Xcode and Apple Configurator.
  • The latest version of macOS
  • Connect your Mac and Apple TV to the same WiFi network

Now follow the steps given below to download and install tvOS 13 on your Apple TV.

Step #1. First off, open Apple Developer download page on your Mac and Now, enter your developer account username and password. Then, download the tvOS beta configuration profile.

Step #2. Now connect your Apple TV to a power source and turn on Apple TV.

Step #3. On your Mac, launch Xcode.

Step #4. Select WindowDevices and Simulators in Xcode.

Step #5. Next, click on Devices.

Step #6. It’s time to launch Settings on your Apple TV.

Step #7. Select Remotes & Devices and then Remote App and Devices.

Here, your Apple TV will look for pairing devices; your Mac should appear there in the list of pairing devices.

Step #8. On the Xcode on your Mac; you can now choose Apple TV from the left column under Discovered.

Step #9. You will find an Apple TV connection request.

Step #10. A verification code is seen on your Apple TV; enter the code, and click on Connect.

Step #11. When Xcode pairs with Apple TV, you can see a network icon next to the Apple TV in the left column.

Step #12. On your Mac, launch Apple Configurator.

Step #13. Users, who are setting up Apple TV for the first time, need to click Prepare; then follow on-screen instructions.

Step #14. In case you have already set up Apple TV and now adding profiles, you need to click on AddProfiles.

There is another option to add a profile. Drag a profile from the Finder and drop it on the Apple TV icon.

You have successfully configured tvOS 13.4.5 developer beta 1. Now you can download and install it just like any other update.

How to Install tvOS 13.4.5 Developer Beta 1 Using Restore Image (4th generation)

If you own Apple TV 4th generation, you can employ another method to install tvOS 13.4.5 developer beta 1. Apple has explained this method on its support page, where you need to click on the tvOS tab.

Summing up…

Normal users have to wait until Apple releases its public beta, which is expected in late June or early July. As happens with earlier software updates, Apple will release a few beta versions before the final release.

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