It is being reported that even normal users without Apple’s developer account are able to download and run iOS 7 beta 2 on their iPhones (5, 4S and 4). Although we’re not jumping on the bandwagon yet, you might want to and this post will guide you through the process if you want to taste those new features found in iOS 7 beta 2.

Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 yesterday: two weeks after the release of iOS 7 beta 1 to developers. We noted that iOS 7 beta 1 was available for developers and even non-developers could get iOS 7 beta 1 running after registering their UDIDs with services that offered to connect the UDIDs with a developer account.

iOS 7 Beta 2 is the first beta release that supports iPad and iPad Mini. When Apple announced iOS 7, it wasn’t yet ready for the iPad.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 2 On iPhone

Incidentally, now, non-developers with normal Apple IDs can also install iOS 7 beta 1 on their iPhones (and iPads, iPad Minis).

So how do you get iOS 7 beta 2 for your iDevice? Here’s how:

Before you begin: this is a beta version usually meant for developers. That the IPSW file runs for non-developers might be a bug that Apple fixes later (or may be not). But there is a risk in installing the version. Proceed with caution and we aren’t to be held responsible for anything that happens when you try to install iOS 7 beta 2.

  • Download the right IPSW file for your device. We can’t provide the direct links (Apple policy) but I’m sure you can grab them from over the internet.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and stop any sync that takes place in iTunes.
  • Note that once successfully upgrade to iOS 7 beta 2, you can’t downgrade. And since the beta version can have some problems, you should be ready for them.
  • Now, in the Summary tab, hold Shift (for Windows) or Option (for Mac) and click on Update. (Not Restore).
  • Select the IPSW file you just downloaded.
  • Let iTunes install iOS 7 beta 2 on your iPhone/iDevice.

If things went correctly, iOS 7 beta 2 will be running on your iPhone even if you don’t have a developer ID.