How to Install iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Public Beta 2 on iPhone and iPad

Apple Released iOS 13.5 beta 2, which was only available in the developer beta phase, but now has made its way to public beta 5. To get started, you will have to first sign up for the iOS 13.5 public beta 2 testing program (or iPadOS 13.5 public beta 2), and then you can install it on your iPhone or iPad just like any other software update.

The new operating system comes with lots of new features and security updates but as with every beta release, it also comes with bugs, battery issues, and the most prominent third-party app compatibility issues. However, if you’re the one who still wants to give it a try then we’ve got everything covered in an easy manner.

  • Make sure to back up your iPhone/iPad before you start. Go to Settings → Apple ID Banner → iCloud → iCloud Backup and backup your iOS device
  • If you want to backup your device via iTunes, connect it with the computer → Open up iTunes → Select your device from top-left of the menu → Hit Backup

How to Download and Install iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Public Beta 2

Enroll Your iPhone/iPad for iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Public Beta 2

Step #1. Open up Safari on your iPhone and go to

Step #2. Now, Sign in to your Apple ID and Password and Agree to the Terms and conditions.

Sign in with your Apple ID in Apple Beta Program

Note: If you’re a beta tester already, you can directly enroll your iOS device.

Step #3. Here, Go to IOS tab (or iPadOS tab) and click on enroll your iOS device, then click on Download Profile button.

Tap on Enroll your iOS device to download iOS 13 Public Beta Profile

Step #4. A popup will appear on the screen, Just tap on Allow and then Close.

Tap on Allow and Close in Apple Beta Program

Step #5. Once the Profile is downloaded, head over to SettingsProfile Downloaded → Tap on Install from the top-right corner, then enter your password.

Tap on Profile Download and Install on iPhone

Step #6. Now, Tap on Install at the top right  → Tap on Install again to confirm at the bottom to continue.

Tap on Install twice to install iOS 13 Beta Profile on iPhone

Step #7. Finally, Tap on Restart.

Tap on Restart on iPhone

When your device is restarted, it will automatically have a new software update.

Install iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Public Beta 2 on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.

Tap on General and Software Update in iPhone Settings

Step #2. When the Update shows up click on Download and Install, then Enter your Password.

Now your device will start downloading iOS 13.5 Public Beta 2 (or iPadOS 13.5 Public beta 2). After the download has finished click Install.

Sit back and relax till the process completes. When your device will reboot it will have latest iOS 13 or iPadOS public beta.

Wrapping Up

That’s all folks, Install the latest iOS on your device which is loaded with some of the fascinating features. Give them all a try and If you find something interesting don’t forget to let us know.

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How to Install iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Public Beta 1 on iPhone and iPad

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How to Install iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Public Beta 1 on iPhone and iPad
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