How to Install GBA4iOS in iOS 12 on iPhone to Play Retro Games

If you wish to enjoy retro games on your iPhone, give GBA4iOS a try. Follow through this up front guide to download and install GBA4iOS on your iPhone and iPad in order to make the most of your all-time favorite retro games.

Classic games like “Mario,” “Pokemon,” and “Day of the Tentacle” still have a huge fan following. Unfortunately, Apple’s App Store doesn’t support these classic games nor does it allow emulator apps. Despite the roadblock, you can play retro games on your iPhone or iPad by installing GBA4iOS in iOS 12, 11 or even 10.

What’s GBA4iOS and how does it let you download classic games on your iOS device? Well, it stands for Gameboy Advance Emulator that enables you to download Gameboy Advance games on your device. Even though the process does involve a bit of workaround, it’s not that complex.

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Is GBA4iOS secure? That’s an important question, which many of you would be thinking. From what I’ve experienced after giving this emulator a long spin, I can say that it’s a safe bet.


  • GBA4iOS is a Gameboy Advance Emulator which lets you enjoy Gameboy Advance games on your iPhone.
  • During our test, we didn’t find anything wrong with how it functions. Having said that you should proceed ahead with the process at your own risk.
  • “Emulators” allow you to play outdated video games like Super Nintendo or Atari on your smartphone or computer. These retro games are called ROMs (Read-Only-Memory) and are software copies of cartridges or CDs like the Sega Genesis cartridge or the Sony PlayStation CD.
  • It’s illegal to download ROMs as they are protected by copyright.
  • By no means, we encourage you to download ROMs.

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 12 or Earlier

Step #1. Launch Safari on your iOS device. Then, go to

Step #2. Next, tap on “Apps” tab.

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Tap on Apps in iEmulators on iPhone

Step #3. Now, you have to scroll down and tap on GBA4iOS 2.1.

Tap on GBA4iOS 2.1 on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on “Download Page” option.

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Tap on Download Page GBA4iOS 2.1 on iPhone

You need to scrolls down again until you find GBA4iOS icon.

Now, check out the two versions: If you are using iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, tap on the first option. And if you are using iPhone X or later, tap on the second option.

Download GBA4iOS on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, 8 or 8 Plus

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Step #5. A popup will appear again. You have to tap on the “Install” button → Tap on the “Install GBA4iOS” button.

Install GBA4iOS on iPhone

Step #6. The installation process of GBA4iOS app will start. (You may have to tap on the Install button in the pop-up again.)

Tap on Install to Start Installing GBA4iOS on iPhone

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Now, let it install successfully. Once the process is completed, you will see GBA4iOS app on your Home screen.

Step #7. Now, you have to trust a third-party profile to run GBA4iOS on your iPhone.

Open Settings → Tap on General → Profiles & Device Management.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone 7Tap on Profiles and Device Management in iPhone Settings

Now, you have to trust the third-party profile to run GBA4iOS on your iPhone.

  • If you are using iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, you have to tap on profile named “Jiang Xi MicroBlog Technology Co., Ltd.” → Tap on trust “Jiang Xi MicroBlog Technology Co., Ltd.” → Tap on Trust to confirm.
  • If you are using iPhone X or later, you have to tap on profile named “SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited” → Tap on trust “SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited” → Tap on Trust to confirm.

Install GBA4iOS on any iPhone

That’s done! You have successfully installed GBA4iOS on your iOS device.

Now, go ahead and download your ROMS for your favorite games and play them to your heart’s content. You can also take the help of Google to find an ROM.

How to Download ROMs of Pokemon, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Fire Emblem on iPhone

Step #1. Once you have successfully installed GBA4iOS app on your iOS device, launch it.

Open GBA4iOS on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on the search button at the top right corner.

Tap on Search in GBA4iOS on iPhone

Step #3. Next, you have to choose game series to find ROM. Currently, there are 11 options available. (Developer says that GBA ROMs are coming soon.)

If you want to download other ROMs, search it on Google. In this test, I’m going to download the ROM of Pokemon. You can choose to go for your favorite game. The process is pretty same.

Tap on ROM of Games in GBA4iOS on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, select your preferred version → Tap on Download button.

Download Retro Game using GBA4iOS on iPhoneStep #5. Tap on Save in the popup.

Save Retro Game in GBA4iOS on iPhone

Once you have download the ROM of your favorite game, launch it and get started.

Play Retro Game on iPhone

How to Delete GBA4iOS App on iPhone

If you ever want to delete GBA4iOS app, go to Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management → Jiang Xi MicroBlog Technology Co., Ltd. → Delete App and confirm.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping up

Personally, I have found GBA4iOS pretty good. The app works reliably so you wouldn’t have any problem in cashing-in-on some of your favorite retro games.

Let us know your feedback about it in the comments down below.

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