How to Install Apple Watch Screensaver on Your Mac

Apple Watch is arguably the most coveted gadget any tech savvy would like to own. But not all are that lucky; though it has been launched in nearly 16 countries, a large portion of this globe is still waiting for the launch of Apple Watch.

If you are among those millions, who long for Apple Watch, you will have to wait for some time. But you can always install an Apple Watch screensaver on your Mac. This is not just a consolation for you; but it will keep inspiring you to go for this smart wristwatch.

How to Install the Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac

How to Install Apple Watch Screen Saver on your Mac

Step #1. First off, you need to download the Apple Watch screensaver from Rasmus Nielsen’s website.

Step #2. Once downloaded, locate and go to the Apple Watch file and unzip the same.

Unzip Apple Watch Saver File on Mac

Step #3. Open Apple Watch.saver file; In case a dialog box appears with a message “Unidentified Developer Warning”, click on Open.

Apple Watch Saver File Dialog Box

Step #4. Once the .saver file opens successfully, you will be landed on Settings app.

You will be prompted to install the Apple Watch screen saver. Choose the preferences and click Install.

Click on Install Apple Watch Screen Saver

Step #5. After successful installation, you will be automatically taken to the Screen Saver section on your Mac.

Step #6. Now you can select Apple Watch screensaver and adjust other settings.

Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac

Before you save this screensaver, you can check preview by clicking Preview button.

Apple Watch screensaver can be a welcome addition to your Mac; now add some flavor to the blank screen.