How to Increase the Volume of Voice-guided Turn-by-turn in iOS 7 Maps

Apple’s Maps – which earned much bad PR in the initial days of its release – has now turned out to be the most-used maps app on almost all iOS devices. Needless to say, that’s partly because it’s the default maps app and partly because Apple did end up fixing all their maps problems. If you use Maps on iOS 7 for turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, you might initially find that the volume is either muffled or low. You can fix this pretty easily.

While making sure that the overall volume of your iPhone/iPad is high (the ringer volume, media volume), you’ll need to check out the volume of Voice Navigation right there in Maps settings.

Here’s how to get that:

On iPad:

Step #1. Open the Settings app → Scroll down and tap on Maps.

Step #2. You see that the “Navigation Voice Volume” is a section with options right under it.

Step #3. You have four options: No Voice, Low Volume, Normal Volume and Loud Volume. It’s usually set to Normal Volume. You can change it to Loud Volume by tapping on it.

On iPhone:

Step #1. Open the Maps app → Tap on the directions icon (left of search-bar.)

Step #2. After you’ve selected the Start and End locations, tap on ‘Start‘ to start the turn-by-turn.

Step #3. You have this small volume icon on the bottom-right. Tap on it to open “Navigation Voice”

Step #4. Tap to choose Loud Volume.

How to Increase the Volume of Voice-guided Turn-by-turn in iOS 7 Maps

Loud Volume will increase the volume of the voice-guided navigation by a notch. It’s certainly louder but you might still want to make sure you are away from a lot of background noise. Voice guided navigation in turn-by-turn is good because it helps you focus on the road a lot more than you focus on the iPad/iPhone screen.

And since it’s hands-free (when you have the location services turned on), it’s a virtual navigation assistant. But if you find yourself struggling to listen to what the voice guidance says, you might have to increase the volume. Another way of fixing this would be to use as earpod. That’s a far easier way to shut out all the ambient noise and listen to the directions clearly.

That’s all, folks!

How to Increase the Volume of Voice-guided Maps in iOS 7

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How to Increase the Volume of Voice-guided Maps in iOS 7
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