How to Improve iPhone 5 Battery Life to Get More Juice Out of It?

There is a mixed response to iPhone 5 battery life. It is almost a month since Apple announced the iPhone 5 and in about ten more days, it would be a month since the launch. We waited to listen to user reports from every corner of the earth and frankly, this has left us somewhat confused.

While a lot many people do report that iPhone 5’s battery is a tad worse than iPhone 4S, that was expected. I mean, take a look at the specs: larger screen, in-cell touch, a 1440mAh battery and of course, not to forget, LTE.

On the other hand, a lot of people, in response to the posts made on forums and discussion boards, have said that the iPhone 5 works just as fine as advertised.

8 hours of standby, 3 hours of usage and there’s still 50% left. – said, one user.

So we are talking about a mixed response. Nevertheless, these simple tips might come in really handy if you find that your iPhone 5 is draining up faster than you expected. Most of the tips are general ones that are applicable even to older iPhones (expect the LTE part).


Here’s the content at a glance:

  • Close Apps
  • Lower Brightness
  • LTE, May Be
  • Turn-Off Radio

Close Apps

Background apps are one of the most serious culprits. The camera, a photo app, a needless social app, maybe a reader – oh, the list is endless. Getting rid of these can really have a good impact on your battery life.

What to do:

  • Double-press Home to open the multi-task switcher
  • Close all unnecessary apps running in the background

Lower Brightness

Auto-brightness on the iPhone 5 needs to work a bit more than that on iPhone 4S. The screen is larger, a bit different from the previous ones and so there is a bit more work to do. Which boils down to more battery time.

What to do:

  • Turn off auto-brightness if you find that not as much necessary as, say, when you are outside in the day.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Brightness
  • Configure the settings to reduce brightness to as low as possible.

LTE, May Be

Of course, LTE affects the battery time on your iPhone 5 but it also depends on how many times the iPhone 5 gets in and out of the LTE signal in some places. If you can do things on your iPhone 5 without the LTE, you can go ahead and turn cellular data off. Extensive LTE usage will certainly bring down the battery life.

Turn-Off Radio

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular data (including GPS, Location Services) drain the battery juice quickly. Yes, they are to be used but at times when you are not using your iPhone, when Wi-Fi is not really necessary and when you can switch off Location Services, do it. It will give you hours of battery life.

Drain Completely and Then Charge Back

In many cases, users have reported that their iPhone 5 is really causing heavy battery problems. For some users, the iPhone 5 lasts just as much as 5 hours with minimal usage. Now that could be a problem with the iOS installation too but it would be just as good to try this method before coming to conclusions.

What to do:

  • Drain the battery completely to the point where iPhone 5 turns off
  • Now charge fully without using it at any point of the time
  • After the charge is complete, begin using and note the battery stats

Quite a lot of users have reported that after doing this, their iPhone 5 battery has stabilized.

Quick video tutorial to improve battery life of your  iPhone or iPad:

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