How to Improve Battery Life of iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11: Tips to Fix Battery Drain Issues

If several reports are to be believed, iOS 13 battery draining issues have traveled to iPhone 11 Series devices as well. But needless to lose sleep over the problem as we have shared some viable solutions to troubleshoot the issues.

Along with wireless charging and Wi-Fi problems, rapid battery draining issues have played a major role in making iOS 13 labeled as an unstable update. As per various reports, the unexpected battery draining problem has hit not only iPhones but also iPads. And much to no one’s surprise, the iPhone 11 Series devices have also been affected.

If you have found your iPhone embroiled into the problem and are unable to take control of the battery life, you have arrived at the right place. In this guide, we have pinpointed all the possible culprits that might be making life difficult for your smartphone.

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If you don’t mind turning off some helpful but power-hungry features, you can improve the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max battery life with ease. Just in case a miscellaneous bug is eating into the battery, you will need to give a try to some viable hacks to fix the problem. With that said, let’s get started.

How to Fix Battery Draining Issues on iPhone 11 Series Devices

We have divided this guide into two sections. As the unexpected battery consumption issue could very well be due to a bug/glitch, we have first discussed some tried and tested ways to fix the problem.

#1. Force Restart Your iPhone

A hard reset often proves to be more than handy in fixing miscellaneous problems. That’s the reason why this trick is almost always getting an honorable mention in the most troubleshooting guides. So, force-restart your iPhone 11 Series to see if the problem is gone.

#2. Update Software

If hard reset has failed to resolve the problem, go for the software update. With every new update, Apple introduces several fixes and performance enhancements. So, whenever a new iOS update hits your device, download and install it to boost performance. Go to Settings appGeneralSoftware UpdateDownload & Install.

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Once your device is updated to the latest iOS 13 version, the problem should be gone. But wait a minute, the story doesn’t end here.

If you don’t take control of power-hungry features, chances are the battery life won’t get better on your device. So, either completely disable them off or use them smartly.

12 Tips to Improve Battery Life of iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Tip #1. Enable Low-Power Mode

“Low-Power Mode” can go a long way in improving the battery life of your iPhone 11 Series devices. It automatically pauses the background activities like downloads and mail fetch. As a result, your device can last much longer between charges. To activate it, simply head over to the Settings app on your iPhone → BatteryLow Power Mode and then turn on the toggle.

Enable Low-Power Mode to Extend Battery Life on iPhone

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Tip #2. Keep Optimised Battery Charging Enabled

The older a battery gets, the less capable it becomes. However, if you offer some needed care to the battery, its aging will greatly reduce. Apple’s latest iteration of iOS comes with a highly efficient feature named “Optimised Battery Charging” that uses machine learning to keep track of your daily charging routine. And thus, it waits to finish charging beyond 80% so that the battery doesn’t have to take the extra load.

To enable this new feature, open Settings appBatteryBattery Health. Now, toggle the switch next to Optimised Battery Charging, if it’s not ON already.

Turn ON Optimised Battery Charging on iPhone

Tip #3. Enable Low-Data Mode

“Low Data Mode” is the sort of feature that Apple should have debuted much earlier. What makes it one of the biggest highlights of the latest iOS iteration is the ability to not only reduce cellular/mobile data usage but also extend the battery.

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Once activated, it turns off several features that not only drain a lot of power but also eat into plenty of data. Thus, it serves the best of both the purposes: maximizing the battery life and boosting the limited bandwidth to last the full quota. To turn it on, go to Settings appMobile DataMobile Data OptionsLow Data Mode and then turn on the toggle.

Turn ON The Low-Data Mode Option on iPhone

Tip #4. Disable Background App Refresh

“Background App Refresh” is a power killer. And the best way to take control of this feature is to completely turn it off. Agreed, it plays a vital role in keeping apps refreshed so that they can always run smoothly and fast. But when preserving battery life matters more, it’s better to put it off. Go to SettingsGeneralBackground App Refresh and select Off.

Disable Background App Refresh to Improve Battery Life on iPhone

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Tip #5. Don’t Allow Apps to Track Your Location Endlessly

Location tracking kills a lot of battery. So, you should make sure that apps don’t track your location data needlessly. With iOS 13, you can allow apps to access your location only once. If they require access to your location data next time, they will need to ask for your permission. It will not only boost the battery life of your device but also enhance security and privacy.

When an app has access to your location, you would receive a popup with multiple options, including “Allow Once”. Select it, and you are ready to go. Do note that you can also fine-tune this feature from the Settings appPrivacyLocation Services.

Set Preferred Option for All Apps to Access Location on iPhone

Tip #6. Make the Most of Dark Mode

According to an automated test conducted by PhoneBuff YouTube channel, Dark Mode can increase battery life by up to 30% on iPhones with OLED displays (i.e iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max). When back color is in action, the pixel of the OLED screen is completely powered off, resulting in much-improved battery efficiency.

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Even though Dark Mode may not be so effective in terms of boosting battery life on iPhone 11 with Liquid Retina Display, you shouldn’t fail to try out this battery saver feature. Jump over to SettingsDisplay & BrightnessDark Mode. For more information about this highly talked about iOS 13 feature, check out our complete guide.

Tip #7. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

When “Automatic Downloads” are on, the purchases made on other synced devices are downloaded automatically. Therefore, you don’t have to manually install your favorite apps. Similarly, it also auto-updates apps as soon as the latest versions are available so that they can remain updated and also run smoothly on your device. It’s quite helpful from a convenience perspective, but it consumes plenty of battery life.

So, in a situation where your iPhone 11 Series is struggling to retain power for long, it’s apt to disable auto-downloads and updates. To disable them, head into Settings appiTunes & App Store → Under Automatic Downloads section, turn off the switches for Apps, App Updates, Music, Books & Audiobooks.

Disable Automatic Downloads to Increase Battery Life on iPhone

Tip #8. Disable Video Autoplay in the App Store

The App Store offers video previews of apps and games so that you can take a sneak peek at what an app or game has to offer. Thus, you can figure out whether or not an app can live up to your taste, which could help in making an informed buying decision.

While it’s quite helpful, it’s certainly not great for the battery life. So, if you would rather want to check out the video previews manually, disable it. To get it done, open SettingsiTunes & App StoreVideo Autoplay → choose Off.

Turn Off Video Autoplay to Improve Battery Life of iPhone

Tip #9. Enable Reduce Motion

When extending the battery life of your iPhone 11 matters more than pleasing your eyes with the impressive parallax effect of app icons or the smooth motion of the user-interface, reduce the motion, and prefer cross-fade transitions. Open Settings appAccessibilityMotion. Next, turn on the switch next to Reduce Motion.

Enable Reduce Motion to Extend Battery Life of iPhone

Now, a new option called “Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions” will appear under the Reduce Motion switch. Turn it on to reduce the motion for user-interface controls.

Turn ON Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions in Reduce Motion to Improve Battery Life of iPhone

Tip #10. Turn Off Auto-Play Message Effects and Video Previews

The cool message effects like bubble and screen effects play automatically to win your attention. Similarly, videos previews play automatically to give you enough hint about what they have in store for you. While they are great features, I would recommend you to disable them if saving battery life matters more to you.

To turn them off, open Settings appAccessibilityMotion. Now, disable the switches for Auto-Play Message Effects and Auto-Play Video Previews.

Disable Auto-play Message Effects and Video Previews to Improve iPhone's Battery Life

Tip #11. Share Low-Quality Images and Videos Via AirDrop

High-resolution images and videos not only demand strong internet connection but also eats into power for sharing. So, whenever possible, avoid sharing high-quality pics and clips. Assuming you would like to share pics, open Photos appSelect photos you want to share → tap on Share button → now tap on Options → disable the switch for All Photos Data.

Tap on Option in iOS Photos App on iPhone

Turn OFF All Photos Data in Photos App to Extend iPhone's Battery Life

Tip #12. Close Safari Tabs Automatically

Even though closing all open Safari tabs manually is quite simple, I find it a tedious task. Hence, several tabs used to remain open for days on my device not too long ago. But things have changed ever since I updated to iOS 13 as it offers a way to close all the Safari tabs automatically after a certain time.

Side note: We have made a comprehensive guide about extending battery life in iOS 13. Check that out if you want to explore more ways and means of maximizing battery life.

Signing Off…

Hopefully, the bad battery life has gone from your iPhone 11 Series. Considering it’s a common problem, don’t expect your smartphone to keep the issue away forever. But if it ever comes back, you can follow the same tips mentioned above to troubleshoot the issue.

One more thing, do not forget to knock the door of Apple Support if the luck doesn’t seem to shine on your device even after trying out all the hacks mentioned above.

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