How to Improve iPad Pro Battery Life

iPad Pro is massive in size and so it needs more power. Below are some tips to improve iPad Pro battery life if you are facing battery drain issue.

iPad Pro isn’t just a bigger tablet; it is more efficient and a lot smarter. When we have a new gadget in our hands, we keep messing around all the time to test its performance, graphics, and install different apps. It is a general psychology that we observe minute details and often feel that it is not up to the mark.

The very first thing we tend to notice is the battery life. Apple claims to deliver 10 hours of battery life on the new iPad Pro, but If you aren’t getting that then there’s no need to panic. It is often observed that it takes a while for your iPad Pro to settle down with regular tasks. Below are some of the tips that you should try out if you aren’t satisfied with your iPad Pro’s battery life.

How to Improve iPad Pro Battery Life

How to Improve iPad Pro Battery Life

#1. Indexing

It really does not matter whether you are setting up your iPad Pro as new or restoring from backup. It will need a day or two to index all your apps and files. The process consumes heavy load of power, as CPU is working on its top capacity. So give couple of days to your iPad to settle down with indexing and then try to observe battery life. If it has been more than two days and you aren’t getting enough battery juice, continue reading below.

#2. Take a breath for a while

It is really fun playing around with a 12.9-inch super tablet, but having it in your hands all day is tiring for both: iPad and yourself. Take a breath, note down battery levels and leave your iPad Pro for couple of hours. Check battery levels again, if it has decreased by a percent or two, it is perfectly fine and working as it should. But if it has drained its battery more than that you should continue reading below.

#3. Revive your iPad Pro

This might sound stupid but restart your iPad Pro. There might be some background process which may have gone rogue and eating up your battery without any productivity. Restarting your iPad Pro will put all pieces in its place and also it will clear all temporary files and cache, resulting in buttery performance.

#4. Try out some statistics

Statistics was one subject I was scared of, but here we will have to use basic statistics. Head in to Settings → Battery; here you will find the list of apps along with their battery consumption. If you find any app that you don’t use but is draining your battery, then double tap home button and flip that app away.

#5. Don’t burn your iPad Pro by using at full capacity

Yes, after paying some handsome amount of dollars on a tablet we expect it to use on its full capacity. We keep all the features enabled to experience the ultimate technology, but that keeps draining your battery. Here are some basic things you should turn OFF if you aren’t using them.

  • Reduce the brightness, as a massive 12.9″ screen will use as much battery as it can.
  • Turn off Background app refresh. By doing so, you can control apps that you don’t want to work in background.
  • Check you device signal, if it is running on a poor LTE connection then the radio will try its best to get better signal. Switch from LTE to 3G for time being and reduce the radio activity.
  • Turn OFF lock screen notification if you don’t use them much. Head to Settings → Notifications.

#6. Start from scratch

It is really a pain starting everything from scratch on your iPad Pro. Starting from scratch will reset your iPad Pro to factory settings. Re-install apps that you seriously need, don’t download unnecessary apps that keep using your CPU and battery. You have the option to restore from your backup, but I wouldn’t suggest that, because restoring might bring the bug which you were trying to get rid of.

Did you find these tips useful? Or do have any other trick that works for better battery? Share your experience with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.