How to Improve iOS 9 Battery Life on Your iPhone and iPad

Facing battery life issue on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 9? Here are some useful suggestions to extend iOS 9 battery life.

With the announcement of iOS 9, Apple fans were all enthusiastic about its innovative feature – Low Power Mode. Though their excitement was dampened with the first beta version of iOS 9 as it consumed much battery.

However, in its public release, Apple made up for users’ dissatisfaction as Low Power Mode feature worked well along with other exciting features.

How to Improve iOS 9 Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

How to Improve iOS 9 Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

So today, I am going to show you few tricks by following which you can easily extend your battery life. Here are some tricks to improve iOS 9 battery life:

Use Low Power Mode

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced Low Power Mode in its iOS. This mode is already available for the iPhone users, but the iPad users didn’t find any such mode after upgrading their device to iOS 9. There is no such explanation from Apple regarding the issue yet. But if you are using the latest iOS in your iPhone and still facing battery life issues, you need to turn on the low power mode. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the settings app in your iPhone → Tap on the battery option.
  • Now toggle the low power mode option to ON and it will be activated right away.

This might help you to improve the battery life of the device with iOS 9. Give a try!

Reboot Your iPhone/iPad

As you might be well aware of the fact that it takes some time to completely install iOS 9 in your devices, there is a possibility that the battery might drain due to the installation process. Let the installation process get finished and then restart your iPhone/iPad. To do that, just hold the power button and tap on Shut Down option. Restart the device by holding the power button again. Now take a note of the battery by keeping it in standby for an hour or so. If the battery levels don’t fall in big numbers, be rest assured about the battery life on iOS 9.

Turn Off Location Services While Not in Use

The location services when kept on, they use lot of your battery power to keep you updated with the location you are at. As the location services use GPS, the battery will be draining quickly. So here’s how you can turn off the location services in your iOS 9 installed devices:

  • Open the settings app.
  • Tap on the Privacy section from the settings menu.
  • Now toggle the location services to off mode and see what difference it makes on the battery life.

Please take a note that you can turn off the location services for the individual applications too in your iPhone/iPad. Now talking about the signal strength, if your iPhone/iPad is in an area where the signal strength is too low or almost not reachable, the battery drains quickly. In that case, just turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off after some time. This might give a better signal strength. If the results are still the same, better you keep the Airplane mode ON if you are not using your device for calling or mobile internet surfing.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

When certain apps refresh their data at a time, there are chances that the battery levels go down pretty quickly. To avoid this problem, just turn off the background app refresh option completely or turn off for each app in the list manually. Here’s how you can turn it off:

  • Go to settings app.
  • Then navigate to the General section and tap on Background App Refresh.
  • Now toggle the button to turn off the automatic refresh or turn off the refresh for each single app manually in the list.

Background App Refresh can literally use lots of battery power, as a result, decreasing the battery life.

Turn Off Push Notifications

When the Push Notifications are ON, your device will certainly consume some battery to deliver the notifications bang on time! If you are looking forward to extend your battery life, you need to turn off the Push Notifications for sure. You can either completely turn it off or disable it for certain apps. Here’s how you can turn off push notifications for certain apps.

Besides all these things, make sure that you never miss minor things to disable or change in the control center. Here are some of them:

Use Your Headphones Rather iPhone Speaker

Headphones consume low battery power as compared to speaker. If your headphones are around you and you want to hear music or any recording, make sure that you use your headphones to do that. It will certainly save more battery.

Set Auto-Lock Mode to Minimum Time

Say, if you forgot to lock your device and the display light is ON as it is. This happens normally when you are busy with some other tasks and have not configured the auto-lock mode settings. Ensure that you set the auto-lock mode not more than 1 or 2 minutes to extend the iPhone battery life on iOS 9.

Turn Off Wi-Fi When Not in Use

It is quite often seen that you turn on the Wi-Fi and leave it as it is. If the background refresh app is too in ON, you are sure to lose more battery power. Turning off the Wi-Fi will certainly stop all the background processes of the apps which require internet. Same goes with the Bluetooth, just turn it off when it not in use to save battery power.

Lower The Brightness

You can configure your brightness levels to automatic if you are using your device every now and then. But if that’s not that case, just lower down the brightness levels to improve your battery life on iOS 9 installed device.

Restore the iPhone/iPad as New

Now this should be your last option because by restoring your device, you will lose all your data which you have saved on your device. And this is the most effective option to increase your battery life, according to experts. Just make sure that you restore your device as new but not from the backup.