How to Improve iOS 13 Battery Life on iPhone: 15 Tips to Fix iOS 13 Battery Drain Issue

iPhone's battery life has been a brainstorming discussion and it continues to be in iOS 13. Few bugs in the initial stages and hidden tweaks might drain iPhone battery. Check these tips to improve iOS 13 battery life on iPhone!

Just because you have the latest and revamped iOS version, doesn’t mean you won’t have problems anymore! The way you use it and the settings you tweak matters a lot when it comes to the overall performance. One wrong tweak, it can drain your iPhone’s battery for sure! I have observed a lot in the past that users complain about iPhone’s battery but the basic tweaks in settings can improve iOS 13 battery life.

There are many tweaks to implement if you want to get rid of the battery draining issue in iOS 13. Right from “force quit apps” to turn off automatic downloads and from dark mode to low power mode, you’ve to use all these features smartly to improve your iPhone’s battery life running on iOS 13.

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15 Tips to Fix iOS 13 Battery Drain Issue

The tips given below are the basic tweaks as most of the iPhones’ batteries drain due to these issues. Before heading up to the tips, you need to analyze what’s consuming the battery on your iPhone.

You can easily view the power consumed by following this! Head over the Settings → Battery and tap on last 24 hours or last 8 days to analyze what’s draining your iPhone’s battery. Once you check the apps consuming more battery and are not in use, force quit them if not needed. Let’s have a look at the tips now!

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Tip #1. Force Quit Apps

How many apps do you use on your iPhone? Maybe 10 to 20 on a regular basis? And moreover, how many of you close those apps once you use them and your work is done? That’s where the majority of the iPhone users’ battery drains!

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To force quit an app on your iPhone with Home button, just double press the Home button and then swipe up on the app card to close it.

Simply close those apps by double tapping home button and close those apps or use this gesture if you’re using iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR.

Force Quit Apps on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Tip #2. Use Automatic Dark Mode

Give your eyes a treat while reading at night by using Dark Mode in iOS 13. While dark mode can be useful in many ways, it can also save your battery power as compared to light mode.

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To use dark mode, open Settings app and tap to Display & Brightness option → select Dark Mode.

Activate Dark Mode on iPhone or iPadCustomizing the dark mode can give you even better results. If you want to customize dark mode on your iPhone, check this guide now!

Tip #3. Use Low Power Mode

There’s nothing wrong in keeping your device in low power mode all the time if you don’t want all the notifications and apps running in the background. Many other features are disabled when low power mode is turned on and this saves a lot of battery power.

To turn on low power mode, open Settings → Battery → toggle ON Low Power Mode switch.

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Enable Low Power Mode in iOS 12 on iPhone

Tip #4. Turn Off Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is a handy option to quickly view notifications on your lock screen. But during this process, it may consume some amount of battery power every time you raise your iPhone.

To turn off this option, head over to Settings → Display & Brightness → toggle OFF Raise to Wake option.

Turn Off Raise to Wake on iPhone running iOS 13

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Tip #5. Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth

When you turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via Control Center, actually, they aren’t turned off but they are still active in the background. So make sure that you completely turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both.

To turn off Wi-fI, go to Settings → WiFi → Toggle it to OFF and to turn off Bluetooth, Settings → Bluetooth → Toggle it to OFF. So from next time, use Settings app instead of Control Center to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Turn Off WiFi on iPhone or iPadTurn Off Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad

Tip #6. Turn Off Automatic Downloads and Updates

Whenever you download a new app on your iPhone, you need not download on any other devices which are connected to the same iCloud account. The reason being, once the app is downloaded on your iPhone, it automatically downloads on other devices as well and it updates automatically too when the update rolls out.

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This might be an interesting feature and of course a productivity hack too, but it can consume battery in the process for sure. The app which you’re using it on iPhone, you might not need on your iPad sometimes then what’s the use of turning on automatic downloads? Instead, turn it off and improve battery life in iOS 13.

To turn off automatic downloads and updates, open Settings and scroll down to tap on iTunes & App Store → turn off App updates by toggling the button and turn off Automatic Downloads option as well.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads and Updates in iOS 13 on iPhone

Tip #7. Allow Notifications Only from Selected Apps

App notifications can be a distraction at your work or even when you’re sleeping! While few app notifications might be important to you depending on the apps you use and few might be useless which you use once in a blue moon!

Simply avoid those app notifications to improve your iPhone’s battery life running on iOS 13. To allow notifications only from selected apps, go to Settings, tap on Notifications, tap on any particular app, say Facetime and then toggle ON Allow Notifications option.

Allow Notifications Only from Selected AppAnd in case if you don’t need any app notifications, simply head over the Settings → Notifications → Show Previews → select Never as your choice if you see Always or When Unlocked option active by default.

Disable App Notifications in iOS 13 on iPhone

In this way, you’re sure to fix bad iOS 13 battery life by customizing app notifications. You can also customize your notifications in this way!

Tip #8. Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh if your big whale when it comes to consuming battery power! It drains your iPhone battery quickly! While this feature makes sure the apps run smoothly on your device, it eats up a lot of power for sure!

However, if you have already used low power mode as mentioned in tip #3, background app refresh will be automatically disabled. And if you haven’t, follow this procedure.

Head over to Settings tap on General → tap on Background App Refresh tap on Background App Refresh again on top of the screen and now tap on OFF to completely disable it. If you wish to enable it just on Wi-Fi, simply tap on Wi-Fi. But don’t select Wi-Fi and cellular data if you want your iPhone’s battery to last long!

Disable Background App Refresh in iOS 13 on iPhone

Tip #9. Keep an Eye on Display & Brightness

Not just one but there are many settings to tweak in Display & Brightness section. One of them was to turn off Raise to Wake option as you just saw in tip #4. This saves you the power of battery each time to raise your iPhone.

Besides that, ensure that the brightness is not too high and is within limits. Moreover, maintain the Auto-Lock option within 1 minute if possible.

So here’s how you can change all these settings. Open Settings app and head over to the Display & Brightness section in it by scrolling down. Adjust the brightness just as you need, don’t keep it to full all the time.

Adjust brightness on your iPhone running iOS 13

Turn off Raise to Wake to disable Raise to Wake option. Tap on Auto-Lock and set it to 30 seconds or 1 Minute maximum to save more power. This might save you at least 10% to 20% of your battery if you utilize it smartly.

Change Auto-Lock in iOS 13 on iPhone

Tip #10. Turn Off Location Services

The maximum power usage on the iPhone is location services and of course, brightness as mentioned earlier. It’s important to turn it off when you’re not using it for any purposes.

Sometimes, few apps might ask permission to access location and you accept it but when you close the app, you forget to turn off the location. And at the end of the day, the iPhone’s battery drains quickly! This can harm you when you’re traveling away from home and you use Apple Maps or Google Maps a lot. Because this is where you need to utilize the location services.

To turn off location services on your iPhone, go to Settings → Privacy→ tap on Location Services and toggle it to OFF.

Tap on Settings then Privacy in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

Turn Off Location Services on iPhone in iOS 12

Meanwhile, if the location is turned ON, you can allow apps only to use the location services when you’re using it. This saves you a good amount of battery but if you disable location services, you’re sure to improve iOS 13 battery life.

Tip #11. Disable Your Widgets

While this feature may not kill the battery life in iOS 13 but it’s always good to keep a check on widgets section too. Swipe right on the home screen to see the widgets you are using it. Scroll down on the screen and tap on Edit at the end of the screen. 

Now remove the apps which you aren’t using from widgets by tapping the red icon on the left side of particular app or game and tap on remove which appears on the right side. This may not show a huge impact but it will add a little to your battery life for sure!

Remove App from Widgets in iOS 13 on iPhone

Tip #12. Reset All Settings

If you aren’t getting any desired results in spite of following all the above-mentioned tips, it’s time to reset your iPhone settings completely so that it gets back to normal.

To reset all settings on your iPhone running on iOS 13, open Settings app tap on General go to Reset option by scrolling down and tap on Reset All Settings, it will ask for a confirmation, tap on it to proceed. Don’t worry this will not wipe any data from your device, it just resets all the settings back to normal mode.

Tap on Settings General Reset on iPhone or iPad

Reset All Settings on iPhone or iPad

This will wipe out any setting which was unknown to you and might be killing your iPhone’s battery. Once you reset the settings, make sure you follow the above-given tips right from the scratch!

Tip #13. Restart Your Device

How often do we use this feature when it comes to unexpected errors or something you don’t understand happening on your iPhone? I even do it on my Windows PC when I face any errors and they aren’t solved! Restarting a device is a quick solution any time.

Just reboot your iPhone and solve the battery draining issue in iOS 13 within seconds. While this might be the quick solution, there might be something else too which might be killing your battery. Give it a  try!

Tip #14. Check Out Your Apps

To see which apps are killing your battery, you need to head over to Settings and tap on Battery. Scroll down to see which of your iPhone’s apps are consuming more power without any reasons.

Check Out Apps which Drain your iPhone Battery in iOS 13

If you see an app which is of no use to you and eating up your battery power, simply uninstall it. Keep an eye on the battery life if it improves, then you have decided to do the right thing by deleting a few apps.

Tip #15. Downgrade to iOS 12 or Wait for iOS 13 Public Release

If you are still unable to solve iOS 13 battery life issues on your iPhone, it’s better to downgrade to iOS 12 or wait for the public release of iOS 13. The reason being, beta versions are always tricky to handle and can kill your battery life due to bugs. So it’s better to downgrade or wait for the full version release of iOS 13 this fall.

Final Verdict!

I have tested some of these tips and I noticed that by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background app refresh, automatic updates & downloads and turning off location services improved my iPhone’s battery life running on iOS 13. I keep the brightness level from medium to low.

Let me know in comments if you’re still facing any issues even after following the above-mentioned tips. I will try to help you out to improve iOS 13 battery life.

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