How to Improve iOS 12 Battery Life: Tips to Avoid Rapid Battery Drain

There are several things that you need to get right to fix the unexpected battery draining issue on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 12. Though a bug might be at the heart of the issue, you shouldn't turn your eyes away from some of the most power-hungry features that might have been killing your device secretly!


Every time the battery on your iPhone starts draining, you can’t blame an invisible bug. From what I have experienced, the power sucking features and mismanagement are often found to be the wrecker-in-chief. By putting a firm control over the usual suspects, you can improve iOS 12 battery life on your iPhone or iPad.

There are several features like “Location Services” and “Background App Refresh” that are quite useful. But if you don’t keep a close eye on their run, they can trigger rapid battery consumption on your iPhone. The best way to prevent these features from running amuck is to use them smartly.

Tips to Improve iOS 12 Battery Life

Having found myself on the receiving end quite a few times, I can tell what happens when you see your iPhone losing power unexpectedly. And based on the experience as well as the tricks that have often bailed me out of the issue, I’ve jotted down the solutions that can come handy in letting you boost the iOS 12 battery life on your device. Give a try to them and see the outcome!

Take a Peek At How Battery Is Consumed and Track Down the Culprits

Before getting into the firefighting mode, let’s track down all the villains that have been consuming the large share of the battery on your device. Once you have nabbed the culprits, you will have multiple options to deal with them. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to view the power consumption pattern now than ever before! Settings → Battery.

Check Battery Usage in iOS 12

Simple Yet Effective Tips

First off, we shall begin with the simple solutions. In most cases, they can get your work done. In case, they don’t click, move on to the slightly advanced fixes.

Force Quit Apps When Not Needed

After using an app, many of us forget to quit it. As a result, it keeps on running in the background and eating the battery. Therefore, it’s better to force quit the app as soon as you have used it.

Force Restart Your Device

Whenever you find your iOS device draining the battery a bit too fast, the first solution you should try is force reboot it. What makes it so effective is the ability to flush out bad bits that tend to get stuck from time to time.

Make Sure to Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When They Are Not in Use

Another simple thing you should always keep in mind is to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you are not using them. Go to Settings → Wi-Fi/Bluetooth → Turn it off.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads and Updates

When you download an app on your iPhone, it’s automatically downloaded on your other iOS device synced with the same iCloud account. Hence, you don’t need to install it on your other device. Thought it’s a helpful feature, it can eat into some extra battery on your device.

If you have enabled automatic app updates, all of your apps are updated as soon as new versions are available. I find it very handy, but when I wish to have more control over the power consumption, I disable it.

Open Settings app → Tap on iTunes & App Stores → Under Automatic Downloads section, turn off the switch next to Music, Apps, Books & Audiobooks, and Updates.

Tap on Settings then iTunes & App Store in iOS 12 Running iPhoneTurn Off Automatic Downloads in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Keep Display & Brightness in Check

Always be sure to keep display and brightness in check. I mean, keep it at the medium level.

Once you are in Display & Brightness section, the first thing I would tell you to do is turn off “True Tone.” Basically, it adapts the device display as per the ambient lighting conditions. As a result, colors appear to be consistent in different conditions. The only problem with this feature is that it doesn’t work all the time consistently. In this case, it’s better to adjust the brightness manually.

The second thing I would suggest you take care of is the Auto-Lock. Keep it as short as possible. If it’s set to Never, deselect it as the longer the screen remains awake the more battery is consumed.

And the third, turn off Raise to Wake. Every time you pick your device, you may not necessarily want to wake the screen. Therefore, it’s apt to disable it.

Avoid setting Display Zoom as your iPhone view. It’s wise to select the Standard view for iPhone as it’s more efficient and can extend the battery life of your iOS 12 device.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Tap on Display & Brightness.

Step #2. Now, turn off True Tone, and Raise to Wake. Make sure to set the auto lock to the minimum level.

Change Display and Brightness Settings to Save iOS 12 Battery Life

Also, make sure to choose Standard under Display Zoom section.

Set Standard Screen View in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPadKeep your iPhone Facedown

Every time you receive a new notification, the display lights up to show you the notification. If you don’t know already, let me tell you that display consumes a lot of power, and we receive a number of notifications in a single day.

The easiest trick is to keep your iPhone Face Down as much as possible. The sensors recognize the iPhone position and do not light up the display with a new notification. You’ll still hear the notification sound to let you know there’s something you need to look at.

Enable Low Power Mode

Low power mode can be of immense help in letting you maximize the battery life of your iPhone. Once this power efficient feature is enabled, it turns off a number of power sucking features like automatic downloads, mail fetch, Hey Siri and background app refresh. Besides, it also reduces visual effects thereby saving plenty of juice of your device.

Step #1. Launch Settings → Tap on Battery.

Tap on Settings then Battery on iPhone in iOS 12

Step #2. Turn On Low Power Mode.

Enable Low Power Mode in iOS 12 on iPhone

Allow Notifications Only from Selected Apps

Another important thing you should do is allow only a few apps to send alerts. If you have allowed too many apps to send notifications, chances are your device hardly gets time to breathe.

Step #1. Go to Settings → Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Settings then Notifications on iPhone Running iOS 12

Step #2. Now, tap on the app in question and turn off the switch next to Allow Notifications.

Turn Off Unwanted Notifications on iPhone Running iOS 12

Enable Low-Quality Image Mode for Messages

Love sending images via iMessage? iOS lets you send low-quality images in order to preserve both the data and battery of your device. If you are craving to increase the battery life, you shouldn’t leave it out.

Step #1. Launch Settings → Tap on Messages.

Tap on Settings then Messages on iPhone

Step #2. Turn On Low-Quality Image Mode.

Enable Low-Quality Image Mode on iPhone Running iOS 12

Advance Fixes for Unexpected Battery Draining Issues

Disable Background App Refresh

“Background App Refresh” plays a good role in keeping apps ever ready to run smoothly. However, it’s known to be one of the biggest power hungry features. Thus, it would be apt to use it smartly.

The latest iOS versions allow you to either completely turn off this feature or let only a few apps refresh in the background. Besides, you can also configure your device to refresh apps only on WiFi.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Tap on General → Tap on Background App Refresh.

Tap on Settings then General then Background App Refresh on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on Background App Refresh and then either select Off or Wi-Fi based on your need.

Turn Off Background App Refresh on iPhone in iOS 12

Disable Location Services

To me, Location Services is the biggest battery killer. If it’s possible, I keep it disabled. If any apps require the access to my location, I make sure the app doesn’t keep track of it all the time. Give this effective trick a try and I’m sure it can do a world of good for your iPhone’s battery.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Tap on Privacy → Go to Location Services.

Tap on Privacy then Location Services on iPhone

Step #2. Now, turn off Location Services.

Turn Off Location Services on iPhone in iOS 12

Alternately, allow each app (you use) to have access to your location only when you are using it.

Use Location Services while Using the App on iPhone

Disable Auto-Fetching of New Data

One more notable thing worth implementing is to prevent your account from fetching data automatically. I bet, it can turn out to be very helpful in boosting the battery life of the device.

Step #1. Launch Settings appPasswords & Accounts → Tap on Fetch New Data.

Tap on Settings then Passwords and Account on iPhone

Step #2. Next, you need to turn off the switch next to Push → Now, select Manually option.

Fetch New Mail Data Manually on iPhone

Disable “Messages on iCloud”

Syncing all of your Messages history with iCloud is pretty neat. There are a couple of obvious advantages of this feature–security and better management. The only downside is that if you have a large file size, syncing can take hell lot of time. Consequently, draining plenty of battery. Thus, giving a miss to this feature won’t be a bad idea. To do so, head over to this complete guide.

Delete Documents and Data

Don’t let apps to pile up their documents and data. If you don’t clean them up on a regular basis, they can’t just hijack plenty of storage but also slow down the device. Refer this complete guide to get rid of all the documents and data.

Update All Apps

One of the simplest ways to make apps run smoothly is to update them from time to time. More often than not, outdated apps tend to become too problematic for the device. Aside from consuming more battery, they also lag in performance. Therefore, upgrading them to the latest version can bring some respite to the battery.

Step #1. Open App Store on your device → Tap on the Updates tab.

Step #2. Now, hit the Update button next to each app that’s not updated or tap on Update All.

Update All Apps on iPhone or iPad

Update iOS on your iPhone/iPad

If none of the solutions mentioned above have clicked, the problem might be due to a bug. iOS often comes with several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Therefore, it’s worth giving a chance.

Step #1. Head over to Settings → Tap on General.

Step #2. Now, tap on Software Update.

Step #3. Next, tap on Download & Install.

Tap on Settings Then General then Software Update on iPhone or iPad

Then, install the latest iOS version as usually.

After the software update, your iPhone’s battery life should return to normal condition.

Video: Improve iOS 12 Battery Life

Wrapping up

Hopefully, your iPhone lasts longer between charges now. Having tried out the above tricks on my device several times, I can say that they can get your work done by fixing the iPhone battery drain.

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