Since the launch of Apple Music, iPhone and iPad users have turned to this new excellent app. It was a tough decision for them as they were long hooked to Spotify or Rdio, where they had created their music library and playlists with hundreds of songs.

Now they want to migrate or import those songs or playlists to Apple Music. No worries guys! There is a cool app that can help you migrate all your songs to Apple Music.

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How to Import Spotify Playlists to Apple Music
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Move to Apple Music – as the name suggests, this app smoothly imports users’ playlists and music library from Spotify to Apple Music. Users can sign up with a nominal charge of $4.99 and get all songs from Spotify to Apple Music.

Brains behind Move to Apple Music are two California based entrepreneurs, who claim that, “Beyond importing songs, we also give you the playlists to import into iTunes; we don’t block your computer while transferring your songs, feel free to use it.”

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This app seems to have garnered lot of attention from Apple Music lovers as till date more than 175000 songs have been imported in the first nine days. You can check the metre on the website’s home page, where is counting is on.

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Start importing your Spotify playlists to Apple Music with

There is one more way to import Spotify playlists to Apple Music. Unlike Move to Apple Music, this one is a manual process to transfer your songs from Spotify to Apple Music.

How to Move your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

Step #1. First, open this link and export your Spotify playlists as .csv.

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Step #2. Click on Get Started.

Step #3. Log in or Sign up for Spotify to export your playlists as .csv files.

Step #4. Now, open STAMP website and download app.

Step #5. Open STAMP app.

Step #6. Select the .csv playlist file you have exported.

Just monitor the procedure as STAMP will automatically create playlists. While this procedure is on, do not leave iTunes as it will cancel the process. STAMP will add your songs to My Music in your Apple Music; if you want to create your playlist, tap on Recently Added in My Music under Playlists, select songs which you have imported, tap on Ellipsis (three horizontal dots) and tap on Add to a Playlist.

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Please note that Move to Apple Music gives you a one-click solution, while this manual process takes some time to import your songs.