How to Import Photos and Videos from Camera to iPhone in iOS 9.2

Latest iOS 9.2 now supports transfer of photos and videos from SD card using adapter; check the tutorial on how to import photos and videos directly on your iPhone.

Apple has just released a public version of iOS 9.2 with some really needed features. Major part of the update consists of bug fixes, but there’s one feature that deserves a standing ovation; the feature is to directly import photos and videos to iPhone from a USB source.

Earlier, we had to connect our SD card adapter or any other USB device to our PC and copy all the photos and videos to hard drive. Later, we had to copy them back to iPhone. This was a tedious process, which is now simplified by Apple with the new iOS update.

How to Transfer Camera Photos and Videos on iPhone

Below is the step-by-step guide on importing photos and videos directly to your iPhone. Before proceeding with the process, you’ll need a lightning-to-SD card adapter. The transfer still supports USB 2.0, so the speed will be little slow.

For demonstration purpose, we will be using a camera source to import photos. The process remains same with other sources.

How to Import photos and Videos from SD Card to your iPhone Running iOS 9.2

Step #1. Connect your iPhone with Camera using lightning-to-SD adapter.

Step #2. On your Camera, select “PC connectivity“. (Connectivity process may be different depending on your USB source).

Step #3. Within a couple of second, you will see photos and videos on your iPhone.

Step #4. Now start selecting photos and videos you want to import on your iPhone.

Step #5. Once you are done with the selection process, tap on “Import“.

Step #6. This will start importing selected photos and videos to your iPhone. Do keep in mind that transfer speed is USB 2.0 and it might take some time depending upon size of your selected library.

This is certainly a very useful feature, because we all have a huge collection of our memories captured in photos. We don’t always use our iPhone to shoot pictures, but this way it makes it easy to transfer our favorite photos and videos to iPhone.

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