Apple introduced iCloud Drive along with iOS 8 last year. It allows you to store your documents or data just like any other cloud based service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. However, it’s limited in terms of functionality and is not as versatile as other cloud based services.

Till now, if you wanted to access any files stored in the iCloud Drive on your iPhone or iPad, you could do it only through supported apps like, Document 5. Since there was no standalone iCloud Drive app to help you manage your files, you had to download supported third party apps to get things done. The whole process of dealing with files in iCloud Drive was a bit inconvenient in iOS 8.

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How to Hide or Unhide iCloud Drive App in iOS 9

Nonetheless, a lot has changed with the arrival of iOS 9 as iCloud Drive has assumed the role of a standalone app. Hence, you would no longer have to rely on third party apps to access your files stored in iCloud Drive. By default, it is hidden in the iOS 9 settings. But, you can easily unhide it in order to use the full-fledged app.

How to Enable or Disable iCloud Drive App in iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your compatible iDevice.

Step #2. Next up, tap on iCloud.

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Step #3. Now, make sure to sign in with your iCloud account, if you are not already logged in.

Step #4. Tap on iCloud Drive.

Step #5. Toggle on Show on Home Screen.

That’s done!

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If you ever want to change your mind and no longer need it on your Home screen, then follow the same mentioned steps and turn off the Show on Home Screen switch in the end to hide it.

As of now, this cloud service doesn’t have too many highly useful features. Though it does have some basic functionality like letting you delete, move, share or access any file. Hopefully, the Cupertino giant will add more user-friendly functions to it in future.

Watch out this video to know how to show iCloud Drive app on home screen:

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