How to Hide Tags from Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks

Tags are a great way to organize and find your files and folders easily. You simply have to click over a tag and you will see all the files under that tag.

There can be times when you do not want anyone else to see your tags and the files under it. Moreover, irrespective of whether you use or do not use the tags, they are visible in your sidebar. If you do not want them to be there there are several ways through which you can hide the tag list. We are presenting some of the methods to hide the tags. You can use the one you prefer:

How to Hide Tags from Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks

Method 1: Hiding Tags from Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks Entirely

Step #1. Click on Finder from dock to open Finder panel with the sidebar.

Step #2. You will see a “Tags” menu on left side. Move your mouse cursor over it and wait till you see the “Hide” option come up.

Hide Tags Option in Mac

Step #3. Click on it to hide the entire bunch of tags.

Note that by clicking this option, the tags will be rolled up. If you follow the steps again, it will display “Show” and by clicking on it, you can have the list displayed again.

Method 2: Hiding Tags by Using Finder Preferences

Step #1. Pull down the Finder Menu in your Mac (Tap open Finder from dock and then click on “Finder” on the upper menu bar of your Mac).

Step #2. Click on “Preferences.”

Preferences to Hide Tag on Mac Mavericks

Step #3. Choose the “Tags” tab from Preferences window.

Choose Tags to Hide on Finder Preferences

Step #4. You will see the tag list with a checkbox besides them. Uncheck the tags that you do not want to be visible in the sidebar.

Step #5. Exit the Preferences.

The changes have an immediate effect and the tags lists will be shown as per your configuration. To add tags to your list, simply check the boxes.

Method 3: Hiding/Removing the Tags

Step #1. Open “Finder” from the dock.

Step #2. Right click on the tag you want to remove.

Step #3. Select “Remove from Sidebar.” (You can use these steps to rename or delete the tags.)

Remove Tags from Sidebar

Step #4. The selected tags will be removed and you can repeat the process for other tags also.