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QuickType, as we wrote before, is an iOS 8 feature that should help you type faster, better. Just like in Android (and other older phones), QuickType shows you word suggestions as you type. One of the additions is that it learns and is smart enough to figure out what word you're most likely going to type next.

It shows up as a bar under the text field when you type a new text message. If you're running iOS 8, you might have this feature on already.

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Hide QuickType in iOS 8

If you don't like this QuickType, here's a neat little tip that I stumbled on. You can hide that little section with a simple swipe.

Here's how to hide QuickType on iOS 8:

  • Open Message app
  • Open a conversation or tap on the New Message icon
  • When you see the QuickType suggestions, just swipe down on that part. It will shrink to become like this:

Hide Quicktype in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad

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  • That's it! QuickType will be hidden. If you want to open it again, just pull up on the little bar.

Arguably, on an iPhone this can be very little space to swipe up/down but if you can get used it, you can access or hide QuickType as you wish.

QuickType is actually predictive. What it tries to do is predict words as you start typing the first letter. It also tries to predict the most-likely next word. According to what Apple says, QuickType is designed to be smart and learn from your usual typing style.

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It can be very useful if you're looking to type more in less time (that doesn't really mean you're typing faster though). If you're put off by the QuickType section, you can hide it or just disable it from Settings → General → Keyboard → Predictive.

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