How to Hide Purchased Apps On iPhone/iPad in iOS 8

There are quite a few special purchases which I make from App Store on my iPhone. I want to keep those purchased items secret to me. Is there any way I can keep specific App Store purchases hidden on my iPhone running iOS 8?

You had to launch iTunes from your Mac or PC to hide them in iOS 7. That was indeed a long, time consuming way of hiding any app. Just a few steps and all the apps will be hide directly from the App Store purchases history! In iOS 8 there is a trick through which you can hide App Store purchases on your iPhone. It works only when you have enabled Family Sharing on your device. If you don’t want others to know which apps or items you have downloaded, you have the option to conceal them. Similarly, you can hide or unhide purchases on Mac as well.

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How to Hide Purchased Apps On Your iPhone and iPad in iOS 8Before moving ahead with the process, let’s check out some key points!

  • Make sure you have Setup Family Sharing on your device.
  • If Family Sharing is not enabled, you won’t see the Hide button in the purchased tab.
  • When you hide an app, paid or free in the Purchased list, it disappears only temporarily.
  • However, the app remains visible on your iPhone.

How to Hide App Store Purchases on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Launch App Store app on your iPhone.Open App Store on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Updates from the bottom right corner → Next up, you have to tap on Purchased with the down arrow.Tap on Updates and Purchased AppsStep #3. Tap on My Purchases.Tap on My Purchases on iPhoneStep #4. Up next, all the apps which you have bought will be listed. Now, find the app which you want to hide and then swipe right from left on it (If you want to hide any app which is not there on your iPhone, select Not on This iPhone.) → Tap on the red Hide button.Hide Apps on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8That’s it! You can repeat these steps to hide more items.

However, you can’t hide other iTunes purchases right from your device as iOS 8 doesn’t allow it. You will still have to launch iTunes on Mac or PC to hide other past purchases (of music, TV shows, movies etc.)

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How to Unhide App Store Purchases in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

It’s a bit tricky to unhide the app which you have hidden on your iPhone or iPad. To unhide an app store purchase, you need to launch iTunes on your Mac or PC. It’s a bit lengthy process. Wish Apple makes this process a bit easy and allows you to unhide purchases right on your iOS device.

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Step #2. Next up, you have to Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Click on Sign In from top right corner on the screen. Click on iTunes Store from the top menu.

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Step #3. Click on Account from the middle right menu (alternatively you can do so from bottom menu as well.)Click on iTunes Store AccountStep #4. Up next, the Account Information page will open. You have to click on Manage which is in the iTunes in the iCloud section.Click on Manage in iTunes in CloudStep #5. Now, depending on the type of app, you have to select the category from the menu which is at the top right corner. For example, if you want to unhide an album you need to select Music.

Step #6. Click on Apps. All your hidden apps will be listed right under Hidden Purchases.Click On Apps Tab in iTunesStep #7. If you have hidden app which is compatible with only iPhone, make sure to select it from the menu. Similarly, if your hidden app is compatible with only iPad, you need to select it.

Step #8. Click on Unhide.

Click Unhide App in iTunes

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That’s it!

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