How to Hide Pictures in Photos for Mac in macOS Sierra

How do you hide/unhide pictures in Photos for Mac? It’s so simple to keep some personal images under wraps on Mac. Here is how it works!

In order to relive wonderful memories, I securely keep my photos on Mac. To ensure more privacy to some of the most personal images, I hide the pics in the stock Photos app for Mac. (Very much like the way I hide pics on iPhone and iPad.)

When you hide any image, it is hidden from Moments, Collections and Years. However, they are stored in an album called “Hidden”. You can easily access the concealed pics. And, if you no longer want to keep the images under wraps, you will be able to unhide them without any pain at all.

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How to Hide Pictures in Photos on Mac

How to Hide Pictures in Photos for Mac in macOS Sierra

So, ready to conceal some of your photos? Let’s go through the steps!

Step #1. Open Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, find the photos which you want to hide from the album views.

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Step #3. Now, you need to right-click (Control+click) on the image you wish to hide.

Step #4. Next, choose Hide Photo.

Click on Hide Photo on Mac

Step #5. You have to click on Hide Photo again to confirm.

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Hide Photo on MacHow to Hide Multiple Images on Mac Running macOS Sierra

In order to hide several photos at once, you need to select multiple photos by dragging the cursor. Then, you need to right-click (You can also use command +click shortcut to select multiple pics.). Then, select Hide Photos and confirm.

Hide Multiple Photos on MacHow to Hide Multiple Photos on Mac

How to View Hidden Pictures in Photos for Mac in macOS Sierra

 Step #1. Open Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, click on View menu → Now, you have to choose Show Hidden Photo Album.

Click on Show Hidden Photo Album in Photos App on Mac

Step #4. Next, double-click on the “Hidden” album from the left panel.

Double Click on Hidden Album in Photos App on MacYou should now see all your hidden pics.

View Hidden Photos on MacHow to Unhide Pics from Hidden Album in Photos for Mac

Step #1. Open Hidden album in Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, right click on the photo you want to unhide.

Unhide Photo on MacTo unhide several photos at one go, select all the photos you wish to hide, then choose Unhide Photos.

Unhide Multiple Photos on MacThat’s it! Now, the photos will be seen in regular views.

Though it’s not a perfect way to hide images, you are better off using it. What’s your take on it?

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