Have you ever felt the need to keep your personal purchases from Mac App Store secret? Most probably yes, just like any other OS X user. Unlike iOS, it’s far easier to manage purchased apps on OS X.

By default, the Purchased tab in the Mac App Store keeps a record of all the apps you have downloaded-irrespective of they are free or paid. Hence, it's a bit inconvenient to navigate through the items. Fortunately, you have the option to hide or unhide them as per your need. Likewise, you can hide/unhide App Store purchases on your iPhone in iOS 8 too.
How to Hide or Unhide App Purchases on Mac

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If you want to keep your special purchases remain secret, then concealing them can be a viable option. Besides, you can make your Mac screen look more organized by hiding unnecessary apps. When you hide an app, it doesn’t send you notifications. Furthermore, the hidden apps don't appear even in the purchased list. Here is how it works.

How to Hide Purchases on Mac OS X Yosemite and Mountain Lion

Step #1. Launch Mac App Store.

Step #2. Select Store and then sign in using your Apple ID and password.

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Step #3. Click on Purchases.Click on Purchases in Mac App StoreStep #4. Now, find the app you want to hide and right click on it. Then, click on Hide Purchase and confirm it in the prompt.Right Click on The App You Want to Hide in MacStep #5. In the end, click on Hide purchase.Click Hide Purchase in MacThat’s all! The app will fade away.

How to Hide Purchased Items on Mac OS X Lion

Step #1. Follow the first three steps mentioned above.

Step #2. Locate the item you want to hide. Once you have found the item, click on “x” which is to the right of it.

How to Unhide Purchased Items on Mac

Step #1. Launch the Mac App Store.

Steps #2. Next up, you have to click on Account from the main page. Then, sign in using your Apple ID and password and Click on View Account.Click on Account in Mac App Store

Sign Into Your App Store AccountStep #4. Click on Manage under Hidden Items.

Click on Manage in App StoreStep #5. All the hidden items will be listed. Locate the one you want to unhide and then click on Unhide button.Click on Unhide App in App StoreStep #6. Click on Done to confirm.

That’s it!

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