Don't like iPhone X Notch? Don't worry; you are not alone to have found it a bit awkward. Many folks are looking for a way to remove or at least hide iPhone X Notch.

Thankfully, there is an app dubbed “Notcho” that just about gets the job done. First things first, it works only with wallpapers on your iPhone X Home or Lock screen. It doesn't work inside apps. Ready to give it a try? Let's jump over!

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How to Remove or Hide iPhone X Notch

How to Hide iPhone X Notch

Step #1. Download Notcho on your iPhone X. It's available for free.

Note: Just in case you are not able to download the app on your iPhone X, install it on your other iPhone. Then follow the same steps mentioned below to create a wallpaper and then transfer it to your iPhone X via AirDrop.

Step #2. Now, launch the app. Next, you have the option to either use any of your photo from Camera Roll or use the images available in the app. I'm going to pick a cool image from my photo library. Tap on Import button. Then, select an image from your library.

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Import Wallpaper or Image on iPhone X

Step #3. Now, tap on Adjust. Then, you need to ideally stretch, fill or fit the image so that it looks nice.

Adjust Imported Wallpaper on iPhone X

Step #4. Then, tap on Done to finish.

Create Wallpaper on iPhone X to Hide Notch

Step #5. Finally, tap on Save.

Save Wallpaper to Hide iPhone X Notch

Step #6. Next, open Photos app and select the wallpaper you have just created and tap on it → Now, tap on share button.

Tap on Share Sheet on iPhone X Photos App

Step #7. Next up, you need to tap on Use as Wallpaper. Then, tap on Set.

Set Wallpaper to Hide iPhone X Notch

Step #8. Up next, you can set it as Home or Lock screen wallpaper. Or you can set it for both. Tap on Set Both.

Hide iPhone X Notch

That's it!

Now, head over to the Home or Lock screen and check out; the Notch will be hidden. It won't shout out loud for your attention. That's for sure.

I know it's not a perfect solution but still worth a try if you can't bear with it.

Wrap up:

iPhone X Notch has received both praise and criticism alike. Personally, I don't find it that bad. The only time it seems to come in the way of my enjoyment is while watching media. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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