How To Hide Photos on iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 Photos App

iOS 8 lets you hide photos/videos which you would want to keep private. Unlike earlier, you can now keep them away from Camera Roll, Moments, Collections and Year. Though they can still be easily accessible, it is a lot better hidden at a respective place.

You will have to hide each photo/video individually as you can’t do so in a bulk at once. Although it may take quite a lot of time if you happen to conceal many photos or videos, you are still better off than before.

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How To Hide iPhone-iPad Photos and Videos in iOS 8 Photos App

How to Hide Photos or Videos in iPhone/iPad on iOS 8 or later

Step #1. Launch Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on Albums or Camera Roll.

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Step #3. Tap and hold on any photo/video itself which you want to hide. (Or, you can first just tap and when the photo appears on the full screen, tap and hold on the photo/video.)

Step #4. Now a menu will popup asking you for Copy or Hide. Tap on Hide.

Hide iPhone-iPad Photos and Videos in iOS 8 Photos App

Step #5. Tap on Hide Photo or Hide Video to confirm it.

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Confirm to Hide Photo and Video on iPhone

Tha’’s done! It will no longer be visible in Camera Roll, Collection, Moments and year. However, you can easily access it if you want. You can even share or send it in message.

How To Access Hidden Photos and Videos on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Launch Photos app.

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Step #2. Tap on Albums.

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Hidden folder.

View Hidden Photos on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

(In order to provide more privacy, thumbnail is not automatically generated on Hidden folder.)

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Step #4. Select any photo/video you want.

That’s all there is with it!

What if you want to unhide any photo/video for any reason, how will you do so? It is just as easy. Let’s do that!

How To Unhide Photos/Videos on iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

(Launch Photos app and then tap on Album)

Step #1. Locate and tap on the Hidden folder.

Step #2. Tap and hold on the photo/video.

Step #3. Tap on Unhide.

You are done! It is so simple. The photo will now be visible in Camera Roll, Collections, Moments and Year.

While earlier we could easily do away with any photos/videos by simply deleting them,we, more often than not, felt the need to just hide them so that we couldeasily get them back if desired instead of permanently doing away with them. Even now, anyone can get to the hidden stuffs quite easily but again it is a little safer than before.

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