How to Group Notifications By App in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

I have preferred to group notifications by the app in iOS 12 as it lets me quickly take a peek all the recent alerts from an app. Should you also think of giving this feature a go on your iPhone, let me walk you through the steps!

One of my favorite features in iOS 12 is “Group Notifications” that make it more convenient to access recent alerts from a particular app. Besides, it also prevents the Notification Center from bringing cluttered. That being said, the newest iOS version automatically organizes contents from the same app in separate groups. This keeps the NC neat while also offering quick access to alerts from specific apps. However, if you don’t prefer automatic segregation, you can choose to group notifications by an app on your iOS 12 device.

When you set notification grouping by an app, all the alerts from a particular app will be stacked. Then, you can head into a stack to glance through all the latest notifications. Swim across to find how it’s done!

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How to Group Notifications By Apps in iOS 12

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iOS device → Now, tap on Notifications.

Tap on Settings then Notifications in iOS 12 on iPhone

Step #2. Next, select your favorite app → Scroll down and tap on Notification Grouping.

Select App in Notification Settings and Tap on Notification Grouping

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Step #3. Finally, select By App.

Group Notifications By Apps in iOS 12

Going forward, all the alerts from this app will be assembled in one stack.

Do note that you will need to repeat the steps for each app which alerts you want to get in one neatly organized bunch.

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If you ever wished to go back to the automatic grouping, return to the same settings and select Automatic in the end.

How to Disable Group Notification by App in iOS 12

No matter how good something is, it can’t impress everyone due to the difference in interest and requirement. If you don’t find notification grouping helpful, you can choose to disable it. Keep in mind, you will have to turn it off on an app basis as you can’t get it done for all apps at once.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Notifications.

Tap on Settings then Notifications in iOS 12 on iPhone

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Step #2. Now, find the app which alerts you don’t want to group and tap on it → scroll down and tap on Notification Grouping.

Choose an App and Tap on Notifications Grouping in iOS 12

Step #3. Select Off.

Turn Off Group Notifications by App in iOS 12

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That’s done!

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From what I can see Notification Grouping has re-instilled life in Notification Center. It’s definitely a better way to keep NC streamlined. I had been missing it for quite some time. What about you?

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