How to Gift a Movie, TV Show or Album from iTunes

Nothing can be better than a gift to show some love to the people you care for. Amid the bubbly Christmas season, we published “how to gift apps from App Store” and now we are going a step ahead. Why only send gift cards or apps when you can send movies, TV shows or albums inside the wrappings?

How to Gift a Movie, TV Show or Album from iTunes

Gift cards are available at any retail outlets of Apple and you can even send them via email, however, there’s one problem with this approach. When you send a gift card to someone, you mean that “I don’t really know what you like, so why don’t you buy anything yourself on iTunes?” So today, how about we have a go at something new. In the event that you want to gift a movie, TV show or other piece of content in iTunes, let’s go on with that.

How to Gift iTunes Movie, TV Show or Album

Fortunately you can use both your computer and your mobile to send gifts from iTunes. Basically the steps involved are same, go through them!

Step #1. Open iTunes and select your gift.

Step #2. You can choose an app, a movie, a TV show, a song, an album, an audiobook or an e-book. Just keep in mind that you can not send a free item as a gift.

Step #3. Click on the item to view it.

Select Album You Wish to Gift Through iTunes

Step #4. Next to the price of the item, there’s a drop-down. Click on it and choose the option to Gift this item.

Click on Gift This Album in iTunes

Step #5. In the screen that pops up next, enter the email of the recipient, your name and an optional message (up to 200 characters.)

Send iTunes Gift

Step #6. You can specify the date you wish to send the gift and then click the Next button.

Step #7. You can even select a theme for the email.

Select Mail Theme to Gift App or Album from iTunes

Step #8. Apple will then ask you to confirm you gift and buy it. Enter your iTunes password to do it.

Step #9. That’s it, you just sent your gift.

If you’re doing this from your iPhone or your iPad, here are the steps to follow. Basically they are same, just that the way of choosing an item as a gift is different. Let’s see how.

  • The first few steps are same, so select your item using the steps you read above.
  • Once you have selected the item, tap the iOS Share icon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the option of Gift and go on.

The recipient will receive the gift via email and the redeem button in the email will take the user to the download page. After you send your gift, do tell us in the comments if your gift was liked or not.