How to Gift an iBook from the iBookstore On iPhone/iPad

How to Gift an iBook from the iBookstore On iPhone and iPad

Just in time for the holiday season, Apple seems to have added a gifting feature to its iBookstore. While you can gift apps, songs, albums and movies from the iTunes & App Store, you can now gift books too!

Macworld wrote about the feature first and we’ve tried this on our iOS 7 devices: iPhone and iPad. And it works fantastically, very much similar to the way you gift an app or a song. Dive right in to learn how.

You’ll need an iOS 7 compatible device and the iBooks app for this. Obviously, you can also gift an iBook through Mac with the iBooks app installed.

How to Gift an iBook from the iBookstore On iPhone and iPad

How to Gift an iBook from the iBookstore On iPhone & iPad

  • Open iBooks app on your iPhone/iPad
  • Tap on “Store” to open the iBookstore
  • Now, you can pick a book from Search or Featured or Top Charts. Anywhere, basically. Find and select the book you want to gift
  • Once you are on the page containing the details of the iBook, tap on the Share icon
  • There’s the Gift icon. Tap it

Gift an iBook from the iBookstore On iPhone & iPad

  • Now, fill up the details just as you’d do for gifting an app or a song from App/iTunes store
  • Pick a date, optionally and that’s about it

There are a few silly limitations though. The first thing is you can’t send an iBook as a gift to someone who’s in another country. At least, as long as their App Store is configured to another country, they cannot receive the gift (or open it). The workaround lies in changing the country region setting but that’s just it, a workaround.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that you can now send books as gifts instead of having to send an iTunes Gift card and then ask the person to pick a book from the iBookstore. A lot of users have been asking about this feature and here’s Apple debuting the iBooks gifting feature right in time for the holidays.

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