Weather plays an important role in your routine life, especially when you are living in the US, where weather is highly infidel. A beautiful sunny morning can easily turn into a windy or rainy afternoon, washing out your plans to hit outdoors.

Climate of the United States is extremely diverse; moreover, entire nation is spread across the vast geography, and therefore, if anybody wants to travel from one corner to another, one has to consider climate changes before packing their travel bags.

How to Get Weather Alerts on Your iPhone

Get Weather Alerts on Your iPhone With WeatherIf iPhone App

This necessitates weather alerts in advance; thankfully, our mobile phones have become smart enough to receive weather notifications. But who sends such alerts to your mobile?

Among many weather apps, WeatherIf stands out with its unique features. What I like about the app is that instead of sending me avalanche of notifications, it just sends me the alerts that are important for me.

Once you install the app in your iPhone, you don't need to open the app to check weather conditions. All you are supposed to do is to go to the Settings and choose weather conditions on which you need notifications.

Open the app and you will find several options to toggle ON and OFF. First off, it is your location. Next are Settings, where you can select Temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit), Wind Speed (in mph and m/s), Pressure and Wake-up time.

Now comes the most important section, i.e. Notifications. You can see five different weather conditions viz. Rainy weather conditions, Cloudy weather notifications, Windy weather notifications, Snowy weather notifications, and Clear weather notifications. You can select what notifications you want to receive. Apart from the five weather notifications, you can also see an option of Daily forecast notifications.

Daily forecast gives you weather alerts about the current day; the five weather notifications send alerts for the next day. You will get weather notifications at the wake-up time you have set in the Settings.

One of the best things of this app is that it offers widget that shows weather info in Notification Center on your iPhone. Let's see how you can add this widget to your iPhone.

Step #1. Swipe down from the top of your iPhone.

This will bring down Notification Center.

Step #2. Tap on Today button, which is on left side of screen.

Tap on Today in iPhone Notification Center

Step #3. Tap on Edit button from the bottom.

Tap on Edit in iPhone Notification Center

Step #4. From the green “+” button, add WeatherIf.

Add WeatherIf in iPhone Notification Center

It's done. Now stay updated with weather conditions every day.

Price: $1.99
Download WeatherIf

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