Saurik / Jay Freeman updated Cydia to 1.1.9 to support iOS 7 completely. The installer is now redesigned to meet the flat, minimalist look of iOS 7. Remember that this is just the installer that has been updated (for compatibility and interface).

If you jailbroke your device using Evasi0n7, you can install the new version of Cydia installer by following these steps. It's pretty basic and easy:

How to Get Cydia Updated & Redesigned for iOS 7

How to Upgrade Cydia to 1.1.9

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Changes from the menu (bottom)
  • Tap on the “Refresh” button on the top-left
  • After Cydia refreshes the packages, it will throw a dialog as shown below:

Cydia Updated & Redesigned for iOS 7

  • Tap on “Complete Upgrade” and Cydia will do the rest.
  • Once done, close Cydia. It will re-open with the new redesign.

Freeman tweeted to thank @rpetrich, @surenix and @kylemathews for their support in creating Cydia 1.1.9. For most of us, the major change comes in terms of the design: it matches the feel of iOS 7 generally. Besides this, on the iPad, the Manage tab is replaced by Sources.

The good thing about the latest build is that even though it's designed to meet iOS 7, it works for devices as old as iPhone 2G. There has been a lot of work involved, obviously, and in our tests, the new Cydia works flawlessly. It's one of the best experiences in terms of a third-party store.

However, Freeman has pointed out that there are some things to iron out which will be done in the coming days.

We're expecting that all compatibility issues will also be sorted out with minor upgrades such as these and this will lead to a stable working platform for all tweaks – especially the ones that depend on Mobile Substrate.