Although we’re late on the cruise here, we know that people are still looking for ways to get the beautiful 3D flyover maps of Apple’s Maps app on their iPhone 4 and 3GS.

Apple doesn’t officially enable that feature for iPhone 4 and older devices. In fact, only the A5 devices support the 3D flyover maps. The reason is simple: the 3D flyover feature requires some really good processor support. Otherwise, maps would become buggy and slow down.

Initially, a group of Russian developers got the code running on iPhone 4 and it became a hit instantly. However, that repo is now gone and no longer available.

Luckily, Ryan’s tweak Unlock iOS 6 Maps still works and is still available on Cydia. That’s what we’re going to use to get the 3D flyover option enabled on your iPhone 4/3GS.

Get 3D Flyover Maps on iPhone 4

Install the Tweak to get 3D Flyover features on your iPhone 4 Maps app

  • Open Cydia
  • Look for ‘Unlock iOS 6 Maps’ – it’s on the BigBoss repo so you don’t have to add any repoUnlock iOS 6 Maps
  • Install the tweak. It will ask to respring the device.
  • Once you’ve resprung, that’s it.

There are no options to configure.

Incidentally, the Maps app does slow down as stated. There’s a definite impact on the performance and I also suspect that if you use this for long, your battery will be closing down fast. But nevertheless, the 3D flyover feature is worth looking at.

To Enable 3D
3D flyover looks best when you have the ‘Satellite’ option enabled in Maps.

  • Open the Maps app
  • Swipe on the page-fold at the bottom
  • Tap on Satellite
  • Now, zoom in enough so that the 3D option at the bottom-left becomes clickable
  • Tap on 3D to enable the 3D flyover option.

Now, sit back and enjoy the 3D flyover feature. If the Maps app shows signs of becoming unresponsive, quit it from the multi-task switcher and reopen again. But make sure you don’t over-use the feature on older devices.