As promised, Yose Widjaja – the developer behind HipJot – has released the Cydia tweak version of the popular keypad app. The tweak is in beta and frankly, it blows iOS’s default keyboard out of the equation.

HipJot is a keyboard app (and now a tweak) that radically changes the iOS keypad. The new HipJot keypad lets you ‘swipe’ across the letters to type words and has an intelligent system that predicts the words you are typing almost correctly. With HipJot, you get to type much much faster (the developer claims speeds of 120wpm).

HipJot Cydia Tweak Swype-like Keypad for iPhone

Before we jump into an elaborate discussion on HipJot and the way it enhances the typing experience on the iPhone, here’s how to get HipJot on your jailbroken iPhone right now:

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage → Sources
  • Tap on Edit and then on Add
  • In the text field, add this URL (
  • Once the repo gets added, go into the repo (Cydia → Manage → Sources → jormy’s Repo)
  • Tap on the package named nin. And Install it.
  • Once installed, Respring.

HipJot gets installed and it replaces any keyboard tweak that you have. Instead of the stock iOS keypad you will see HipJot’s keypad in every app.

Using HipJot

(Swipe across the letters of a word to type words faster.)

On the surface, HipJot looks and works pretty much like Swype. You just swipe over the letters of a word and HipJot guesses the word correctly and outputs it. It works surprisingly well for a beta version and I think it works pretty good with predicting the word even when you swipe not-very-accurately.

But the swype-like thing is the tip of the iceberg. HipJot includes some amazing features that make not just typing but editing what you type easy. It sure gets a little while to get used to (and I am still getting used to HipJot as I type this) but once you master some features, it becomes really quite powerful.

HipJot largely runs on swipe-based gestures. You can jump between words, erase (backspace), edit words etc. through swipe gestures.

Customizing the keypad

(Hold Down the Spacebar for menu options)

There is no Settings preferences for HipJot within the Settings app. But the extent of customization takes your breath away. From the size of the keys to the height of the keypad to the layout and colors, everything can be customized as per your need. You can color the keyboard, you can change the spacing between the keys, increase/decrease the width/height and do much more so that the keyboard is really under your control, the way you want it to be.

How to Get Swype-like Keypad on iPhone HipJot Cydia Tweak

It can get a little overwhelming though and you might also need to test out different settings before you hit that point where you can really type lightning-fast.


Post-HipJot, there are some things that I noted. The performance is almost smooth but when the keypad pops up, it’s a bit stuttered. Shifting between the Emoji keypad that I have enabled is a little slow. And of course, there was a visible impact on the battery. But please note that these are based on a test/beta version of the tweak. While I want to assume that the final version will be smoother and better optimized for performance, I still have my doubts about the battery. The tweak does work a lot more than the stock keypad and so, it will probably use up the resources faster.

HipJot, for the moment, is free from the private repo. I strongly suggest you try it out. You might not capture the tweak’s power right away so sit with it for a while and the effort really, truly pays off. Thanks to Yose for the wonderful tweak. That the developer decided to port the app’s core feature into a Cydia tweak so we can use the keypad in all apps is just amazing.