How to Get Stock Market Update on Your iPhone Using Siri

Shoot questions to Siri about stock market and it will give you stock prices and other details. Sounds unbelievable? Check for yourself now!

Stock market is the barometer of financial health of any country. And therefore, many financial experts and investors keep a constant watch on the ups and downs in the stock market. Apple’s iPhone and iPad offer the facility to check the performance of stock market; however, this requires all users to open the Stocks app on their devices.

For a change, Siri can help you in offering stock market details through her beautiful voice (for ladies, you can change Siri voice from female to male). Before you give command to Siri, please note that you give the right name of companies; otherwise, Siri would offer you data of other similar sounding companies.

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How to Get Stock Market Update on iPhone Using Siri

While I was giving command for a company’s stock price at the close of market, I pronounced “it” instead of “at”. And Siri asked me to enable location service on my iPhone 6. The right command was: What did (name of company) close at?

Let’s now explore other useful commands you can give to Siri to get some stock market details.

How to Use Siri to Receive Stock Market Updates on iPhone

Step #1. Invoke Siri on your iPhone/iPad.

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Step #2. If you want to know the price of scrip, ask: What is the price of (name of company)?

Stock Market Price Update on iPhone Using Siri

Step #3. If you want to know a company’s stock price at the closing of market, ask: What did (name of company close at?)

Know At What Price Stock Market Close At on iPhone Using Siri

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Step #4. To know the highest stock price of a company in the last 52 weeks, give command: 52 week high for (name of company).

Know 52 Week High Stock Market Using Siri on iPhone

Step #5. For low stock price in the last 52 weeks, ask: 52 week low for (name of company).

Know 52 Week Low Stock Market Using Siri on iPhone

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Siri has its own limitations and therefore, on many occasions it resorts to search engine Bing to give more suggestions. The best way to interact with Siri is to give command in a clear voice with slow speech.

We know that there could be some more useful commands to make the most of Stocks app. Please share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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