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Looks like someone was smitten by some of the features on the Galaxy S4 and wanted to get them on the iPhone. Sure enough, Lisa Eadicicco writes in the Laptop Mag the exact process of how you can get some of the coolest S4 features on your iPhone. Oh yeah, it's all about apps so gear up, fire the iTunes window and get to the store as you start this journey.

Photo Reader
Samsung's Galaxy range has been often credited to being spectacular when it comes to media stuff. The S4 features a photo reader – which is not exactly a new concept – but the implementation is pretty neat. How many times have you had to transfer details from a physical business card to your phone? How about just capturing the card and let the phone do rest of the work? That's what PhotoReader does.

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iOS Alternative: An app called CamCardFree is the best alternative to Photo Reader. It does almost the same thing that Photo Reader does

Download CamCardFree

Galaxy S4 Features on iPhone

DualShot is that feature which kind of put the dent in the universe when the S4 was revealed. Not many people were aware of such a possibility but Samsung has brought it to mainstream now. This is an interesting feature because you can now take pictures and shoot videos using both the rear and the front camera at the same time!

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iOS Alternative: For iPhone users, there's DuoCam from Appvetica. It's a simple app which isn't all that powerful. Oh, and your iPhone's camera isn't all that cool either. At least, not in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4's 13MP rear and 2MP front.

Download DuoCam

Group Play
Group Play is one of those S- features that are being overplayed. But of course, it's a cool feature. This is a private network protocol where you can share – with other Galaxy smartphone users – what you are listening or watching or playing. It's basically a private content sharing protocol.

iOS Alternative: For iPhone users, there's Jukebox Hero but it's not exactly an alternative if you're looking to share more than music.

Download Jukebox Hero

Samsung Knox
Samsung Knox is specifically aimed at the BYOD culture. It is aimed at helping you divide your smartphone into two parts – one with your personal stuff and the other with enterprise/company stuff. You can set access rights specifically so that both the data remain safe and secure without being trespassed.

iOS Alternative: There's a ‘Divide' app from Enterproid, aimed specifically at this feature. It's available for iOS and Android too. This should pretty much serve as a good alternative.

Download Divide

S Translator
I don't know why Samsung had to hard-wire the translator app right into the Galaxy S4 but it's a smart move. You wouldn't have to download a new app just for translations. Interestingly though, there are tons of translator apps for the iOS platform. Most of them are awesome and since they're continuously updated, more languages get added to the dictionaries.

iOS Alternative: Right off the top of my hat, I can think of Google Translate as mentioned by the author herself. The fact is, I use just that app pretty much every time I want to get something translated. Or you can check out this list of iPhone's best translation apps.

As regards the eye tracking thing, we're looking for iOS alternatives ourselves. Just kidding: the iPhone isn't ready for it yet.

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Hat tip to Gizmodo

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