How to Get Podcasts on Your New Apple TV

How to Get Podcasts on Apple TV

Surprisingly, new Apple TV has no built-in podcast app even though it was promised during the launch; icon of Podcast app was flashing on the pre-release material of Apple TV. Apple has shipped its Apple TV without podcast app, but if users want to get podcasts on the new Apple TV, there are some workarounds to enjoy podcast app.

How to Get Podcasts on New Apple TV

Get Podcasts on your Apple TV through AirPlay

One of the simplest options is to use the built-in AirPlay feature on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You can easily stream podcasts on the Apple TV with AirPlay. Agreed, that you have to use two devices to watch one podcast, but your job is done with this simple solution.

Step #1. Open podcasts on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Tap on AirPlay.

Step #4. Choose new Apple TV as source.

For audio podcast listeners, they are supposed to launch Now Playing view first.

Step #1. Open Podcasts on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Tap on Mini Player and enter Now Playing.

Step #4. Now tap on AirPlay.

There are many iPhone and iPad users, who own devices without built-in AirPlay button; in this case, they can use universal AirPlay in Control Center.

Step #1. Open preferred podcast app.

Step #2. Play the podcast you want to stream on Apple TV.

Step #3. Swipe up from the bottom to pull up Control Center.

Step #4. Tap on AirPlay (in the center)

Step #5. Now tap on Apple TV source you want to connect AirPlay with.

This method has a drawback though; in the middle of playback, if you receive any message or FaceTime call, the playback will be interrupted on your Apple TV.

Get podcasts on Apple TV through Home Sharing

Use iTunes and get podcasts on the Apple TV. Home Sharing helps you connect to the iTunes library on Mac or Windows computer; make sure that devices are on same Wi-fi network. Now you can stream any audio/video content from library, which may include podcasts you have subscribed.

For users, who haven’t set up Home Sharing, do it without fail.

Step #1. Click on Computers on Home screen in Apple TV.

Step #2. Type in your Apple ID.

Scroll down and click on Recents if you don’t want to save your fingers from typing.

Step #3. Click on Continue.

Step #4. Type in Apple ID password.

Step #5. Again click on Continue.

Step #6. Now, click on Podcasts.

Now you can easily access your podcasts.

Step #1. Click on Computers on your Apple TV Home screen.

Step #2. Click on Podcasts in Library.

Step #3. Now select the podcast you want to watch or listen to.

Step #4. Next, select any particular episode to watch or listen to.

Get podcasts on your Apple TV via YouTube app:

Download your favorite podcasts from YouTube for Apple TV and you can enjoy watching those in your way.

If you haven’t got YouTube on Apple TV, follow the steps.

Step #1. Click on AppStore from Apple TV.

Step #2. Click on YouTube app from Featured list.

If you don’t find YouTube in Featured app list, search the app under trending searches.

Step #3. Now click on Download button.

After successful installation of YouTube, you can find podcast you want to watch. If you have already saved or subscribed playlists, sign in to get easy access.

Step #1. Click on Subscriptions or MY YouTube for saved playlists.

Step #2. If you haven’t signed in, do it now.

The screen will show an activation code if you are not signed in.

Step #3. Launch on your mobile or desktop browser.

Step #4. Log in the account you want to activate.

Step #5. Type in activation code shown on Apple TV.

Step #6. Now click Allow.

Step #7. Click on the playlist you want to see.

Step #8. Finally, click on podcast episode you wish to see.

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