How to Get “picture in picture” Video Mode on Mac

Picture-in-picture video mode on your Mac is the need of this age, when you are required to act as multitasker. Helium App can help you with its unique features.

There are multitaskers, who can effortlessly manage many things simultaneously. For such people, picture-in-picture video mode on their Mac can be a blessing.

Those who work on iOS 9, enjoy this feature which keeps a small window playing video open on screen. But OS X El Capitan doesn’t offer this feature to the users.

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How to Get Picture in Picture Mode on Mac

So how to enjoy this picture-in-picture feature on your Mac running on OS X El Capitan? There is an app that can help you here.

Helium app comes to your rescue. Download this app and install on your computer. As the name suggests, Helium is a floating browser that lets you enjoy watching video while you are working.

After installation, open the app and drag it anywhere on your screen, where you watch the media. Since it is a floating browser, you can open any website like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Plex etc. to watch videos. Moreover, you can open local video files with the help of this Helium app.

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How to Get “picture in picture” Video Mode on Mac

Step #1. Open Helium App on your Mac.

Step #2. From the navigation click on Location.

Step #3. Enter URL of video or browse folder to open local files.

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Paste Video URL in Helium Mac App

Watch out how to get Picture-in-Picture Mode in Mac OS X:

Apart from its primary functionality, Helium also allows you to customize that floating browser that shows you videos. You can easily adjust the translucency to see your content and your work. A step further, Helium app doesn’t interrupt mouse clicks while it is in translucent mode. It is like a miracle that you can easily view your work behind that floating content. To make your content translucent, just click on Helium floating browser; the menu bar will change accordingly and show you options of Helium app. Click on Appearance and then click on Translucent; to remove translucency, click on Translucent option again.

If you have got enough of entertainment and want to go social, Helium lets you keep your Google Hangout window above other windows; this will allow you to chat with your friends & colleagues while working on your project.

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If there is any other app like Helium, please share the link and we would like to mention that in our information.

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