If you think that the Photo Booth is conspicuously missing from the iPhone and it definitely needs a home there, Effects+ would be a beautiful solution. It’s a new free Cydia tweak that adds many interesting effects/filters to the stock Camera app in iOS 7.

In fact, Effects+ is far more powerful than the Photo Booth filters found on the iPad. If you’re looking to experiment with what you click on the iPhone and if you are even remotely interested in seeing the amazing things filters can do, Effects+ is a must-have.

Effects+ adds about 20 new filters to the camera app. These are 12 core image filters like Sepia, Gloom, Posterize, Pixel etc. and there are 8 filters borrowed from iPad’s Photo Booth. The interesting thing about Effects+ is that it seems like the best add-on for the camera app encompassing a wide variety of popular and cool effects/filters.

Effects+ Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

Here’s a list of the filters from Effects+:

From Photo Booth:

  • Invert (X-Ray)
  • Twirl
  • Stretch
  • Mirror
  • Triangle (Kaleidoscope)
  • Squeeze
  • Thermal
  • Light Tunnel

How to Get Photo Booth filters on iPhone in iOS 7

12 Core Filters:

  • Sepia
  • Vibrance
  • Replace (Monochrome)
  • Posterize
  • Gloom
  • Bloom
  • Sharp
  • SRGB
  • Pixel (Pixellate)
  • Blur (Gaussian Blur)
  • False
  • Mirrors

Effects Plus Cydia Tweak Photo Booth filters on iPhone

If you’re running iPhone 5 (or later), you are most likely going to have a normal experience with the tweak. A lower model can run into lag issues when you have a lot of filters enabled.

Typically, it’s better that you enable only a few of the filters instead of opting to enable all (or a lot) of them. The Effects+ preference page in the Settings app comes with a few toggles that you can use.

For instance, there is the ‘factor’ leveling which moderates how much effective the filter is. You can hide the bottom bar in the filters view (which usually overlays on top of the filter) and then you can also tweak the parameters for individual settings. There’s a lot of things you can actually tweak.

Effects+ brings Photo Booth to the iPhone, period. And it does a wonderful job of it.