WhatsApp is increasingly becoming a popular tool to chat, share pictures, video and audio files among young generation. And perhaps its overwhelming acceptance worldwide inspired Facebook to acquire this smart app. At the beginning of this year, WhatsApp had more than 700 million active users worldwide. Now here is a good news for avid WhatsApp users who use iPhones.

One of the latest Cydia tweaks OnlineNotify is launched and it’s seen a good response from iPhone users. By this tweak, you will receive instant notifications when any of your WhatsApp contact comes online and goes offline. Download this tweak on your iPhone and get to know how it works. This tweak works when your WhatsApp is on.

Get Notification When WhatsApp Contacts Goes online on iPhoneHow to get notification when WhatsApp contacts go online/offline on iPhone with OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak

Step #1. Install OnlineNotify from BigBoss Repo.Install OnlineNotify Cydia TweakStep #2. Once installed, open Settings App and enable notifications from preference panel of OnlineNotify.OnlineNotify Settings

Settings in OnlineNotify Cydia TweakStep #3. Open WhatsApp once so that it is active and connect to the internet.

Step #4. Go to WhatsApp settings and tap on Tracking Table under OnlineNotify.Tap on Tracking Table in OnlineNotifyStep #5. Tap on plus icon on top right corner.Add Contacts to OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak in WhatsAppStep #6. Add friends.

Step #7. Enjoy tracking your friends.

With OnlineNotify tweak, you can enjoy following benefits:

#1. Get to know whenever your friend starts typing a message to you.

#2. The new tweak will enable you to see an online indicator next to your contacts in WhatsApp Faovurites tab as well as in Group Info.

#3. Instead of status, you can see your WhatsApp contact’s last seen timestamp.

#4. OnlineNotify gives you a Flipswitch toggle to enable or disable the online and offline notifications.

#5. Change sound of notifications by tapping on Notifications Sound.

#6. Also get notification and indication from users using Android smartphones.

Before you start using this tweak, let me tell you that this tweak will help you receive outside notification only when you add contacts to Tracking Table from WhatsApp settings. Contacts, which are not added to the table will be highlighted with green color.

Once you add contacts to that Tracking Table, toggle four major notifications on in the preference panel of OnlineNotify: Enable Notifications, Online Notifications, Offline Notifications and Typing Notifications. Remember that typing notifications works only for registered contacts and not for all contacts.

Apart from the above four notifications, you can also toggle on/off Notifications Logs, Typing for Selected, Outside Notifications (BETA), Online Indicator for favourite members, Lastseen for favourite members, Online Indicator for group members and Lastseen for group members.

Please make note that to get notifications when you are not on WhatsApp, make sure that your app is always active in the background and you are always connected with internet.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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