TouchArch: Get MacBook Pro Like Touch Bar on Any Mac Using iPhone

Touch Bar is certainly on the wishlist of many folks. If this multi-touch feature is also under your radar but you don't want to spend over $2,500 to buy the high-end MacBook Pro, there is a way to use it—without having to break the bank! Head over to get Touch Bar on any of your Mac...

Touch Bar is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to MacBook Pro in a long time. Agreed, the multi-touch feature has received both huge praise and criticism alike but despite the bombardment, it continues to be adored and embraced by millions of users. And, the unprecedented increase in the sales of MacBook Pro does reveal by-and-large positive feedback.

They say, “All good things come at a price.” To use Touch Bar, you will have to spend over $2,500 to buy 15″ MacBook Pro. What if you don’t want to buy the high-end MBP, but your heart pushes you to have a go at the multi-touch feature? That’s where a smart app like TouchArch comes in!

Get MacBook Pro Like Touch Bar on Any Mac

TouchArch iPhone App: Get MacBook Pro Touch Bar on Any Mac

How to Set Up and Use TouchArch on Mac and iPhone

The Mac app works in tandem with an iPhone through its iOS counterpart. With the neat interface and smooth controls, the app feels very familiar right from the onset. Willing to get Touch Bar on any of your Mac? Jump over to get started…

Step #1. First off, download TouchArch both on your Mac and iOS device.

  • While the macOS version of the app is available for free, its iOS counterpart is priced at $2.99.
  • Ensure that your Mac is running macOS High Sierra and your iPhone is running iOS 11 or later.
  • Put your iOS device near your computer and be sure Wi-Fi is on both the devices.

Install TouchArc App on Mac

Step #2. Once you have successfully installed the app on your computer and iOS device. Open it on both devices.

Step #3. Now, tap on Connect on your computer.

Step #4. Finally, tap on Get Started.

Now, check out the screen of your iPhone. All the dynamic controls of Touch Bar are ready to let you use apps more efficiently. From volume, brightness, esc to Siri, the Touch Bar has got everything you would want to get on top of your work.

Get MacBook Pro Touch Bar on Any Mac

You can comfortably browse through your photos. Play and control your music and videos with ease. And, all those funny emojis are at your fingerprints to let you spice up your messaging time. That’s not all; the app can also double up as a handy remote for your presentation.

The well-designed user-interface ensures you have easy-going time while using apps on your Mac. The touch controls dynamically change based on the apps you are using and allow you to deal with them effectively.

Impressive Touch Bar Experience

TouchArch offers a seamless Touch Bar experience. Having used this app for a couple of days, I have begun to like it a lot. And there is a part of me, who wishes to continue my affair with this adorable app. Frankly speaking; I find it as functional and intuitive as the Touch Bar.

One little but significant advantage that this app has over Touch Bar is that it offers a large touch interface. As a result, many of you may find it more convenient.

The verdict

If you are charmed by the OLED panel and wish to use it on your Mac without upgrading to the MBP, TouchArch has to be your best bet. It can also be enormously helpful for the folks who want to spend some time using the Touch Bar before deciding whether or not buy the high-end notebook.

To me, what headlines for this app is the highly user-friendly interface. It’s so simple to use that anyone can effortlessly master it within no time. And, that speaks volume of how cool it really is!

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