One of the key features on the redesigned interface of iOS 7 is the messages app. The interface of Messages has been completely revamped just as many other apps in iOS 7. The interface is now flat – extremely so – and there’s a total devoid of all the glossiness that previous designs had.

iOS 7 won’t be out for all users to install and use till at least September. While you still can download and use the beta releases (not quite recommended), you do have another way of getting the iOS 7 interface mimicked by iOS 6 running on your iPhone/iPad. We did cover a bit on some of the tweaks that will help you get iOS 7 features on iOS 6.x. In this post, we look at another cool tweak that puts iOS 7-style Messaging to iOS 6.x devices.

How to Get iOS 7-style Message App in iOS 6

iOS 7 Message Theme is actually a Winterboard theme that runs on any iPhone running iOS 6.x. It’s designed to replace the existing Messages UI with the one you find on iOS 7. Yes, it’s all flat.

The theme can be found on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. It’s one of those light-weight themes that don’t add up a lot of load to Winterboard.

There is obviously nothing to configure. After you install the tweak, you just head over to Winterboard and activate the theme (iOS 7 Messages). Respring your device after this and the theme takes effect.

In the Messages app, you’ll see that the interface has now changed. However, this doesn’t change the UI controls on top and bottom. It’s only the message bubble and the background that gets changed to the one that mimics iOS 7’s Messages UI.

Some of you might feel that this being a Winterboard theme might actually cause battery issues but I’ve been using it for quite sometime and so far, there hasn’t been any side-effects of using this Winterboard tweak.

Best of all, iOS 7 Messages Cydia theme is free.

Repo: ModMyi

Quick video on how to use iOS 7 Messages Winterboard Theme: