Apple's demoed iOS 7 and with many people with the developer betas running on their iPhones, it sure looks quite interesting. There are tons of “new” features in iOS 7 but there are also many that have already been here (either in Android or as jailbreak tweaks for iPhone).

Interestingly, you can get most of these iOS 7 features by downloading a few Cydia tweaks.

This is the logical next step till iOS 7 gets released: we want to experience iOS 7 on our iOS 6.x running iPhones. We didn't have to look hard actually. Information was readily available and we just had to load up the tweaks to see if things worked in iOS 6.x. They did.

And here's the result. Here's how to get iOS 7 features on your iPhone now:

How to Get iOS 7 Features On iPhone

1. Multitasking: Auxo / CardSwitcher

Well, Apple – in it's usual marketing flair – is making a big deal out of the new multitasking feature. But users who're into jailbreaking know that Auxo made a huge mark here. The tweak adds a powerful and feature-packed multitasking ability to iOS. Although iOS 7's multitasking interface is a lot different from that of Auxo, the functionality is pretty much the same.

Tweak: Auxo

There is also CardSwitcher, another tweak that almost resembles iOS 7's multitasking interface and works pretty much the same way. Thanks to our readers who pointed out that CardSwitcher is a far closer alternative than Auxo. The tweak is up on Bigboss.

Tweak: CardSwitcher
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $2.00

2. Real-time Updating Clock: LiveClock

May be the clock thing will eat up the processor a lot but it's a cool feature. In iOS 7, the clock icon is live-updated and it's nice. And yes, there's a Cydia tweak that lets you get this feature. It's called LiveClock made by Ryan Petrich. The clock is animated right down to the second-hand and although the second hand doesn't move as smooth as that in iOS 7, it's a fantastic tweak.

Tweak: LiveClock
Repo: (Ryan Petrich)
Price: Free

A quick video on how to get iOS 7 Styled Live Clock:

3. Filters in the Photo App: PhotoFilters

With iOS 7, you get to add Instagram-style filters right in the redesigned camera app. This is an interesting and definitely useful feature for capturing moments and spicing them up fast. There are a lot of other apps that let you add filters to the photos in your camera roll but there's one tweak that lets you do that right from within the Photos App. It's called PhotoFilters.

Tweak: PhotoFilters
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $1.00

4. Control Center: SBSettings / NCSettings + Tap To Widgets

Interestingly, the control center is one major step forward for iOS although it's one of the most oldest features. Pre-iOS 7, SBSettings has been playing the role since iOS 5. And pretty successfully too. Control Center, however, adds some more functionality to the whole area.

Although we can't get an exact replica of Control Center right now, we have this set of interesting Cydia tweaks that'll help you get most of the functions:

  • SBSettings / NC Settings for the Settings toggles
  • Tap to Torch (for the flashlight)
  • NCMusicGestures

5. Background Tilt: DeepEnd

A live background is always interesting. Well, Android has a ton of them and iOS 7 is just getting onboard. Although the wallpaper isn't “live” in the real-sense, the tilt effect certainly adds some beauty to the interface. Of course, you and I aren't going to be left behind because there's DeepEnd, a popular tweak (again by this legend, Ryan Petrich).

Tweak: DeepEnd
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

A quick video on how to get iOS 7 styled Parallax Wallpaper

6. Block Calls/People: iBlacklist

The most missing feature in all pre-iOS 7 versions is the call-blocking. You can't block a person (from calling/messaging) in the normal way. (You can of course check out this workaround to block calls in iOS). With iOS 7, call blocking is finally a feature. However, for those who want this ability, there's iBlacklist from Cydia.

Tweak: iBlacklist
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

7. Notification Center in LockScreen: IntelliScreenX

Nothing's really awesome about Apple getting this much-needed feature on iOS 7. But the impact is going to be huge: being able to access the notification center without unlocking the screen is a boon. It increases your productivity and lets you be on top of things when you are hit with a ton of notifications from various apps. Thankfully, there's IntelliScreenX already although it's not a picture-perfect solution to the problem. You can also go for LockInfo.

Tweak: IntelliScreenX
Repo: ModMyi
Price: $9.99

Tweak: LockInfo 5
Repo: ModMyi
Price: $4.99

8. AirDrop: Instashare

AirDrop is a new feature in iOS 7 that lets you share files faster between iOS and Mac devices. There's this app called Instashare that will help you have that feature on your iPhone right now. The app is available for both the iPhone (iDevices) and Mac (it's in beta) and works just fine.

Download Instashare

Price: Free

9. iOS 7 Theme

Update: This is awesome: If you've got Winterboard, there is now an iOS 7 theme available on Cydia (from a private repo of course). Here's the detail:

  • Add this repo to Cydia )
  • Make sure you add the trailing ‘/' in the URL. If not, you might end up with errors
  • Now look for iOS 7 Theme in that repo.
  • Download and install!
  • Go to Winterboard and activate the theme.

A quick video on how to get iOS 7 Cydia Theme

Alternatively, if you like to do it manually:

Change the Font: Use BytaFont to change the fonts. You'll need a font that's similar to Helvetica Neue Ultra.

  • Change the Icons: This is where it gets hard but if you've got iPhone Explorer, follow along this tutorial from CNET to change the icons. You can get the iOS 7 icons from here.
  • Change the Keyboard: Well, not exactly an iOS 7 alternative keyboard but the Dashing Keyboard theme has a design aesthetic somewhat along the same lines as that of iOS 7's flat keyboard. You can download the theme along with the instructions here.

10. Automatic app updates: Auto App Updater

A really useful feature in iOS 7 is the auto-app updates. You no longer have to update apps individually. The slow App Store update process can be skipped with the auto-app updates. Interestingly, there's this Cydia tweak we wrote about already: Auto App Updater.

Tweak: Auto App Updater
Repo: ModMyi
Price: $2.99

11. No Limit in Folders: FolderEnhancer

We missed this one in the milieu but here we go thanks to readers and other posts. iOS 7 curbs all limits on the number of apps you can have in a folder. But of course, the jailbreak community solved this problem a long time back. We've got FolderEnhancer that does the same.

Tweak: FolderEnhancer
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $2.49

12. Blurred Background in NC: BlurriedNCBackground

Well this is just eye-candy but a pretty good one at that. iOS 7's layers are now going to blur the background content so when you open the Notification Center or the Control Center, the icons on the back will blur. Needless to say, we've got a jailbreak tweak for this feature too. BlurriedNCBackground.

Tweak: BlurriedNCBackground
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

A quick video on how to get iOS 7 styled blurred background for NC

13. iOS 7-style Dock

Of the things that have been redesigned, iOS's dock is one prominent fixture now. It's flat and it's devoid of all the glossy effects that the glass slab once had. This theme (Winterboard) will put an iOS 7-style dock on your iOS 6.x iPhone.

Tweak: iOS 7 Dock Theme
Price: Free
Repo: BigBoss

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