There are two ways to give your iOS 7 device a classic, iOS 6 background wallpaper. One carefully downloads the pictures from the web to your camera roll and then use them as a wallpaper. Or, two, get ClassicWallpapers: a Cydia tweak that puts all the classic iOS 6 wallpaper images in the wallpaper settings.

If you’re using a jailbroken iPhone, the second method is the best one to pick. ClassicWallpapers seamlessly adds all the classic iOS 6 backgrounds (and older ones too) to the “Brightness & Wallpaper” settings. You can pick the wallpapers from here and apply them to the home screen, lock screen or both.

Get iOS 6 Wallpapers Back On Your iOS 7 Device ClassicWallpapers Cydia Tweak

Get iOS 6 Wallpapers Back On Your iOS 7 Device with ClassicWallpapers Cydia Tweak

Going back to iOS 6

We have seen quite a bunch of Cydia tweaks designed to imitate iOS 6’s look within iOS 7. We started with the iOS 6 Theme, which brought back the old icons to the new interface. While our coverage did stop there (because we figured that not many people are going to be interested in heading back to iOS 6), the jailbreak community didn’t stop.

There are tweaks like ClassicBadges, ClassicDock, ClassLockscreen and even ClassicFolders that, when combined, bring back the iOS 6 look almost completely.

To fill this, here’re ClassicWallpapers. Basically, a pack of all the old wallpapers, what makes ClassicWallpapers useful is that it puts all these wallpapers into the Brightness & Wallpaper settings so that you can instantly access them.

You don’t need a tweak to get an iOS 6-era wallpaper. A cursory search on Google brings up tons of iOS 6 wallpaper image results that you can download via Safari and use as wallpaper. But having ClassicWallpapers makes it very easy.

A word about UI

With the classic wallpapers, you’ll need to experiment. Some wallpapers go well, but some don’t. Remember that iOS 7 is a massive, flat, minimalist revolution from the old, skeuomorphic, richly-detailed iOS 6.

Some textured wallpapers may not gel well with existing icons. But if you are aiming for the old look, going classic is a cleaner way: pick up all the tweaks that bring iOS6’s interface. Like mentioned before, these include ClassicDock, ClassicFolders, ClassicBadges, ClassicLockscreen, etc. And of course, ClassicWallpapers.

ClassWallpapers is hosted on the MacCiti repo. It’s free.