And you thought Harlem Shake was over.

Yesterday we were playing around with Harlem Shake on our iPhones – making the lockscreen go crazy wasn’t our way of getting back at Apple for the lack of innovation these days but then, I’ll admit it: it was fun watching the lockscreen go totally “Harlem Shake”!

And just as you expected, the Springboard is now doing the Harlem Shake. There were teasers yesterday and thankfully, the Harlem Shake tweak is out on BigBoss, making your springboard go as crazy as possible. Okay, enough of all this. Let’s get straight to the point where you make your springboard icons do the Harlem Shake.

Harlem Shake iPhone Springboard Edition

Here’s how to install “Harlem Shake” for your Springboard

  • Open Cydia
  • Look for Harlem Shake. (You should actually see two of them. But you need the one that has a space between Harlem and Shake). This tweak is available from the BigBoss repo that is installed by default in Cydia.
  • Install it.
  • Now, open Activator. (if you haven’t got it, download it from Cydia)
  • Tap on ‘Home Screen’

How to Get Harlem Shake iPhone Springboard

  • Choose an activator method. I chose ‘Shake’ (it’s Harlem Shake after all!)

Halem Shake iPhone icons

  • Choose Harlem Shake from the list.

How to Install Harlem Shake on iPhone Sping Board

That’s it! All you’ve got to do is shake the iPhone when it’s on the home screen and you’re done! Now sit back and watch as the app icons go crazy and do the Harlem Shake for you – complete with the original music emanating from the speakers.

Read our earlier post on the Harlem Shake of Lockscreen items. That was fun but I assure you, this is funnier and crazier than that!

Note: This Harlem Shake iPhone Springboard edition drains iPhone battery a lot.

Harlem Shake iPhone springboard edition demo video

  • incydia83

    only the text is moving but the icons dont…what can i do to make it work?
    i have iphone 4 with ios 7.1.2

  • 7foreveryoung9

    Does anyone know if they will have the harlem shake for the ios 8 jail break?

  • SedaFilm

    Harlem Shake iphone virus

  • What’s the source that you need?

    • These tweaks are available in BigBoss repo.

  • nick

    can you do this on the itouch?

    • Of course you can do it.

      • Alex

        Is this available on the iphone 5s, 7.0.4 It doesnt show up in activator, and i cant seem to figure it out

        • I think it’s not working anymore. This was for iOS 6.