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How to Get Free PokéCoins in Pokémon Go on iPhone or iPad

I can’t remember when was the last I had thoroughly enjoyed playing any game on my iPhone as much as I have done for about a month. One of the main reasons why I’m so fond of Pokémon Go is that it compels me to walk as much as possible. Jokes apart, I have been able to lose quite a lot of weight and gotten slim ever since I put my hands on this augmented-reality game.

PokéCoins are very important in Pokémon Go. You will be able to buy things such as Incense, Lucky Egg, Poke Balls only if you have PokéCoins.

Take a look at why you must need PokéCoins:

  • Egg Incubator: Egg Incubator is available for 150 coins
  • Bag Upgrade: You can get it 200 coins. It will ramp-up your item storage by 50 slots
  • Pokémon Storage Upgrade: You can grab it for 200 coins
  • Lucky Egg: One Lucky Egg can be bought for 80 coins, eight Lucky Eggs for 500 coins and 25 for 1250 coins
  • Lure Module: One Lure Module comes for 100 coins, eight Lure Modules for 680 coins
  • Poke Balls: You can buy 20 Poke Balls for 100 coins, 100 Poke Balls for 460 coins and 200 for 800 coins
  • Incense: One Incense is available for 80 coins, eight Incense for 500 coins and 25 for 1250 coins

Since PokéCoins are so precious, you should use them intelligently. You will need to buy them through in-app purchase; if you have run out of them.

  • $0.99 – 100 coins
  • $4.99 – 550 coins
  • $9.99 – 1200 coins
  • $19.99 – 2500 coins
  • $39.99 – 5200 coins
  • $99.99 – 14500 coins

How to Get Free PokéCoins in Pokémon Go on iPhone/iPad

Don’t want to spend money to buy PokéCoins, you can get it for absolutely free. However, you would have to show a lot of not just skill but also the bravery to outsmart your rivals in the Gym fight.

Once you have reached the level five in Pokémon, you would have to join a team and indulge into the thrilling Gym fight. (Assuming you have travelled this far and are all geared up to smash your opponents.) This is where you will win PokéCoins.

Step #1. Starting off, you have to find a gym and then use your superiority to take it down or fortify it to put your Pokémon in the Gym.

Step #2. Based on how many Pokémons you have in the Gym, you would be given an equal number of PokéCoins.

Step #3. To get the free PokéCoins, tap on the Pokeball at the bottom.

Step #4. Tap on Shop in the menu.

Step #5. Next, you will have to tap on the button at the top right corner.

Once in every 21 hours, you will be able to get the PokéCoins. If you don’t have any Gym, you won’t be given any PokéCoins.

You will grab ten coins and 500 Stardust for each Pokémon you have in your Gym. For example, you will earn 50 coins and 2500 Stardust, if you have five Pokémons in five Gyms.

If you succeed in maximizing your expertise, you can even earn up to 100 PokéCoins and 5000 Stardust every 21 hours.

That’s all there is to it!

Initially, you will find a bit difficult to find Pokémon. But using these tips, you would be able to easily catch creatures. (Make sure to check out Poke Radar as well to find creatures with utmost ease.)

Go ahead and play the game to your heart’s liking and earn as many PokéCoins as you desire.

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