Have you ever wondered how comfy and simple it becomes once you have the one extra row on your iPhone/iPad keypad? Well, if you’ve not seen or heard of anything like this, it’s time you acquaint yourself with iKeywi – that popular Cydia tweak which adds a fifth row to your iPhone’s keypad.

With five rows, your keypad gets numbers/symbols like the traditional keyboard. This makes typing much faster as you don’t have to shunt between the numeric keypad and the alpha keypad every time you want to type an exclamation mark!

iKeywi is a simple, no-frills kind of a tweak which is available from the BigBoss repo. You don’t have to add any repo (obviously): it’s there by default.

Here’s how to get five rows on your iPhone keypad:

  • Go to Cydia
  • Tap on Search
  • Look for “iKeywi”
  • Once you find that, purchase the tweak. ($1.99)
  • Once installed, open any app where the keypad shows up and you’ll find the extra row.

iKeywi Cydia Tweak

In its sheer simplicity, the iKeywi tweak lets you quickly type all the usual symbols that we use like “!”, “@”, “#”, “$”, “%”, “&”, “*” and braces. The good thing is, all of it is customizable.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and open iKeywiiKeywi Cydia Tweak
  • Customize the keys by tapping on them and choosing what key you need on the row!iKeywi Cydia Tweak Settings
  • Tap on Save and Respring and you’re done!

iKeywi makes it pretty simple to type because you no longer have to tap the ‘123’ key just to type an exclamation or period.

Below video walks you through the same process to add customized row on iPhone keypad:

Available: BigBoss repo
Cost: $1.99

There is an iPad version too (iKeywi HD).