As promised by the social networking giant, Facebook launched its Paper iPhone app on Feb 3. Amidst a wide variety of reporting, there's something that people outside the U.S. are asking about: why is the app not available outside the U.S?

That's a common process for a lot of apps built within the U.S. So, if you are outside the U.S (which, technically means your Apple ID's country region is not the United States of America), you won't see Facebook's Paper app on the App Store.

How to Get Facebook Paper iPhone app Outside US

And even if you see it, when you try to download, you get an iTunes error saying the app is not available for your country.

To download the Paper app (Facebook), all you do is change the country associated with your AppleID. We have written about this already but here're the steps again:

Step #1. Open the App Store.

Step #2. Scroll right down to the bottom (in Featured menu.)

Step #3. Tap on your Apple ID.

Step #4. Now tap on View Apple ID.

Step #5. Tap on the Country/Region field.

Step #6. Tap on Change Country or Region.

Step #7. Tap on the Store field

Step #8. Choose the Country as the United States (it's right on top of the list so don't go scrolling to ‘U'.)

Step #9. Tap Done and then Next.

Step #10. Tap on Agree when T&C shows up.

Step #11. For Payment information, you should choose None. (What if that option is not available?)

Step #12. Tap on Done again and the country should now be changed to U.S

Once your Apple ID's country setting has been changed to the U.S, you can look for Facebook's Paper app and download it.

Incidentally, this method works randomly: from our tests; it works on some accounts, doesn't work on others. One way to do make sure it works is by creating a new AppleID from your country (you will need payment information details because you can't create a new AppleID without that). After this, change the AppleID's country on your iPhone/iPad to US (this time, payment information becomes None). Then, download the app.

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