How to Use ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 Outside the US

It's not just you; I'm also craving to enable and use ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 outside the United States. Let's give a try to an old-fashioned but pretty effective trick to get EKG on the Apple Watch Series 4!

Update: Apple released watchOS 5.1.2 with ECG feature but unfortunately using it outside the US is not possible. This update enables ECG only to devices bought in the United States of America.

Thanks to the timely FDA approval, Apple is all set to roll out ECG aka EKG in the USA sooner than later. But what about other countries? When will you be able to enable and use ECG on your Apple Watch Series 4 outside the US?

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To put it straight, for ECG to go live in your country; it must be first approved by the health authority. Knowing that it’s not a hardware restriction, you should expect this health feature to be available in your region as soon as it gets the green signal.

But what if you are like me who just can’t wait to put his hands on ECG once it’s officially launched? There is an old hack to get through!

Before diving into the workaround, let’s get to know what ECG is and why it’s so helpful?

Well, it stands for “Electro Cardio Gram.” The electrocardiogram is designed to measure your heart rate on the wrist accurately.

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What makes this feature so impressive is that it enables the watch to measure the electrical activity of the heart in a manner that was limited to only advanced medical devices.

Already known as a top-notch fitness device; it’s further bolstered Apple Watch’s claim to be several notches above its rivals. Talking about the process of getting ECG on the smartwatch, you can (most probably) breeze through the hurdle by changing the language & region.

Keep in mind that it may change the date, time format along with other units on your device. Not a big deal but it’s worth noting up front.

How to Get ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 Outside U.S.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your paired iPhone.

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Step #2. Now, tap on GeneralLanguage & Region.

Step #3. Next, be sure to select English as your iPhone language.

Besides, tap on the Region and then choose the United States.

Step #4. Make sure to tap on Done at the top right to confirm.

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That’s it! Now, wait for a few seconds to let the device bring the change into effect. The ECG feature should now be available on your Apple Watch.

Side Note: This is not a definitive way but merely a workaround that might go for a miss. However, we’ll keep on updating this post so that you will be able to use this new add-on.

Signing Off…

As a user, I’m carving to put my hands-on ECG sooner than later. I wish it became officially available everywhere in the world.

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Beyond this enviable new add-on, Apple Watch series 4 has also got some impressive health features like fall detection and Digital Crown haptic feedback. Having toppled Fitbit to become the most popular wearable device by a long distance, the watch seems to be on a roll.

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