How to Get Directions to Places Quickly Using Apple Maps (iOS 7.x)

Apple maps have consistently improved over the years, since its disastrous debut. The hiring spree has possibly resulted in a refactoring of location data and technology that has helped Apple’s stock Maps become better and refined.
Finding directions using Apple Maps is easy. It’s almost similar to Google Maps except that the data comes from Apple’s own database.

How to get walking, driving and public-transport directions in Apple Maps (iOS 7.x) on your iPhone/iPad

Getting Directions Using Apple Maps in iOS 7.x

  • Open the Maps app
  • Tap on the direction icon (shown below)

Tap on the direction Icon on iOS 7-x

  • Enter the Start and End locations. When you tap on the text-field for Start, you will see “Current Location” as a prompt. Tap on it if you want directions to someplace, starting from where you are.
  • Pick a mode of transport from the top.

Pick a transport mode in Apple Maps on iOS 7-x

  • Tap on Route
  • Wait for the route to load.

You can tap on Start to start the direction prompts. Swiping left on the distance card will move to the next direction/route prompt.

Overview of the directions

Incidentally, while you can swipe left/right on the distance cards to move along the route, you can also switch to a particular point directly. To do this, tap on the list icon on the bottom of the app.

Overview of directions in Apple Maps

As you can see, you have all the route points listed here. Tap on one of them and you go directly to this point on the map. You can tap Resume to continue the directions from this point.

More options

The more options icon lets you switch between a satellite, hybrid or a standard (vectorized) map. You can also drop a pin or print the map from these options.

Options in Apple Maps

On supported devices, Maps has a voice-guided navigation feature. And if you’re still looking for alternatives to Apple Maps, here they are.